Your 9 Steps Can Take You Towards The Journey Of 9 Months

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Your 9 Steps Can Take You Towards The Journey Of 9 Months

The hope of having own baby lead the infertile couples to knock on the door of IVF technology but the time gap of their step one towards the infertility treatment and end step when they could have their baby can be breathtaking for any couple so it is essential that every couple should be aware of each step of the procedure.

Medically the IVF cycle starts with the inducement of ovulation in the female with fertility drugs and it ends with the transferring of the embryo into the uterus of the intended mother. However, being patient it is important for him to have some knowledge about the procedure as it is the biggest step of his life and his most important step to fulfilling his dreams.

Everyone is well known about the fact that IVF is the lab-based procedure in which female egg is fertilized in the controlled conditions of the lab with male sperm for artificial conception and then the healthy embryo is implanted in the mother womb but there is hardly any patient who is aware that what will happen post embryo implantation?

After embryo transplantation 9 steps taken in 9 days can start your journey of 9 months as follows

STEP 1: after the embryo implantation the cells keep dividing in the female uterus and the blastocyst starts hatching from its shell and keep growing.

STEP2: on the second-day post embryo implantation, the embryo begins to attach to the uterine lining. The blastocyst growth and hatching process remain continuous. It is the crucial day as this step decides about the failure of success of IVF implantation.

STEP 3: embryo get attached more deep into the uterine lining and the implantation of blastocyst begins and on this day intended mother may have light bleeding or spotting.

STEP 4: attaching process of blastocyst remains continue to the deep into the female uterus. Even the female can have light bleeding and spotting on this day also, however, some females do not have bleeding still they get successful implantation.

STEP 5: after the completion of the embryo, it starts developing rigorously and in this next step fetus and the cells that eventually from placenta start growing.

 STEP 6: growing fetus release the HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin into the bloodstream.

STEP 7: the development of the fetus takes place at full speed as normal as in the normal conception. After this step, the embryo continues to grow and begin and the placenta begins to take shape.

STEP 8: with the release of more HCG, the development of fetal remain in progress and placenta starts to function and even the neural tube of the baby in the womb begins to sprout.

Step 9: the level of HCG continue to increase in the blood that now it can be detected by the pregnancy kits while testing so on this day females can have the pregnancy test to check the successful pregnancy and success of IVF procedure.

After above 9 steps of 9 days, your journey towards your dreams may start so you can consult the specialists for regular checkups of pregnancy for the best health of the baby and pregnant mother.

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