YOGA Benefits For Women With PCOS

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YOGA Benefits For Women With PCOS

PCOS is basically known as Polycystic ovary disorder is a hormonal issue regular among ladies of conceptive age. Ladies, who have PCOS might have rare or delayed menstrual periods or abundance male hormone levels, that is called androgen. In PCOS, the ovaries might build up various little accumulations of follicles and neglect to routinely discharge eggs. The symptoms of PCOS incorporate extreme hair growth on the different parts of the body, that is known as hirsutism, skin inflammation, weight gain, troubles with fertility, hair loss, irregular periods, and stress. The best PCOS treatment is regular exercise and maintains a healthy weight. Additionally, eating a healthy and balanced diet also helps to reduce the risk of PCOS and infertility.


The word ‘yoga’ really implies association. YOGA acts as training, that associates the body, brain, and soul through various body postures, controlled relaxing, and meditation. Yoga basically implies finding the keys to the idea of the presence. Yoga is not just about bowing or curving the body and holding the breath. Yoga helps balance hormones by decreasing androgens and empowering egg development. It likewise helps in settling issues, for example, infertility, weight, and mental issues.

There is a portion of the yoga models for ladies who are experiencing PCOS.

Chakki Chalanasana

This yoga pose is valuable to condition the uterine muscles in women. Additionally, helpful to diminish abdominal fat, and valuable in diminishing post-delivery fat.

Cobra Pose

This pose is known as Bhujangasana, that is useful to enhance blood circulation, lessens stress, and opens up the chest and shoulders. Additionally, this pose is valuable for respiratory disorders, for instance, asthma.

Butterfly Pose

Butterfly Pose is called as Badhakonasana. The advantages of this butterfly posture incorporate an alleviation from menstrual issues and menopause indications. It is also useful to decrease weakness and helpful in solid discharge.


Bharadvajasana is known as Seated twist position. This pose is useful to regenerate abdominal organs and enhance metabolism.

Benefits of yoga for women with PCOS-:

Maintain The Ideal Weight

Yoga is beneficial for reducing overweight and maintaining the ideal weight. Additionally, it is helpful to regulate metabolism and build lean muscle.

Reduces Stress and Manage Anxiety

Yoga poses are helpful to reduce stress and anxiety. When you practice yoga, it implies all your consideration is focused on the current issue, and your mind gradually depletes out the deep stress. Additionally, it is helpful to manage and reduce anxiety since it is valuable to release bad feelings.

Controlled Levels Of Glucose

Yoga is also useful to regulate the levels of glucose in the human body, that is essential to reduce the risk of diabetes. Moreover, it manufactures potential for insulin generation in the pancreas.

Infertility And Menopause

Numerous yoga poses are useful for increasing fertility. They enable open up blocks in the Fallopian tubes, diminish the risk of PCOS. Moreover, improve the health of the reproductive system.


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