What are the Reasons Behind Male Infertility?

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What are the Reasons Behind Male Infertility?

In case you are a guy and you have tried your level best to make your partner ‘pregnant’, but nothing seems to work. Then it’s time you get going to a doctor. The doctor will let you know, what your problem area is, and suggest some tests, along with telling you the type of treatment suited to you.

Go for an assessment

You should visit a urologist. After examining you, he will be providing you with a physical examination, and questions will be asked about the lifestyle you live in, medical history and stuff.

Questions asked would be like:

  • Any surgeries you have had previously.
  • Medicines taken by you
  • what kind of work out you do
  • Any type of drugs taken by you. May be asked
  • You might also have to open up about your private life (sex life), which will include any kind of issues faces or any kind of disease.
  • Looking for the cause of infertility is quite tough. Male infertility doctors have various ways of finding out, but still, some tests have to be done by you.

Male Infertility Treatment

Sperm test

The doctor will be checking your sperm count, the movement, and shape, along with other things. In case you have high normal sperms, it means your fertility levels are higher. But there can be many exceptions to this, as well. In case both are normal, you don’t have issues with fertility.

In case you not having any semen or sperm, it might be problems with blockage in plumbing, then you might be asked to go in for a surgery.

Health examination

Doctors may find varicoceles (an abnormal formation of veins near the testicle).

Endocrine test

The main hormone responsible for controlling sperm is testosterone, along with other hormones, as well. But, many people have a doubt that hormones are the main problem, for infertility in men.

Genetic Screening

It helps in knowing certain hassles infertility along with issues with sperm. Doctors can’t say as to when the tests should be done.

Birth control antibodies

Many men make unusual antibodies attacking sperm, when sperm is on the way to meet egg, making their partner’s pregnant.

While for others, sperm making is not an issue, it is just getting the sperm where it needs to get.

In order to boost your fertility count, adopt these changes in your lifestyle.

Male Infertility Treatment in India

1. Take supplements of D – Aspartic acid.

It is a form of aspartic acid (amino acid), which people have as a dietary supplement. It is present in many glands, especially semen and sperm cells. Those men who took these supplements helped their partners in getting pregnant.

  1. Work out

Working out, not just helps in improving confidence levels and physical performance, but also raise testosterone levels.

3. Have your doses of vitamin C at regular intervals

Decayed stress is when levels of ROS reach harmful levels in the body. This occurs when the body’s own inhibitors are overloaded with diseases, aging, unhealthy lifestyle or other factors.

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