What Are The Major Steps Of The Egg Donation Process?

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What Are The Major Steps Of The Egg Donation Process?

Infertility is gradually becoming one of the major health problems of the modern times. Various inventions and researches have to lead to the use of various techniques for the assisted reproduction. These set of techniques comprise of various procedures which are helpful in granting the gift of parenthood to people dealing with infertility. Some of them are IUI and IVF. These procedures can be carried out by donors if the intended parent is biologically incapable of producing or using the requisite components crucial for reproduction. For example, if the male partner is unable to produce healthy sperm, a sperm donor may be used. The case will be similar if the female is unable to produce a healthy egg. In such a case, an egg donor may be used. The eggs, once acquired through an Egg Donation procedure can be used further in an IVF cycle.

The Process Of Egg Donation

The process of egg donation is comparatively a new procedure which has many steps. After the intended donor has passed the various medical and physiological tests, you will be given hormone-based medicines which last up to 12 days. These medicines will be administered in the form of shots which you will be giving to yourself. You will be trained in the technique so that you can carry them on later. Your tolerance will depend on your pain threshold level. You may experience bloating, mood swings and nausea. Breast tenderness is also a common experience. Some major side effects may be felt in the form of OHSS(bloating) and ovarian torsion(pain in the ovaries). On an actual day, you will be made unconscious under the anesthesia. The eggs will be retrieved by vaginal needle aspiration carried out under ultrasound observation. The procedure takes only 20 minutes and the donor doesn’t feel a thing as they are under anesthesia. You might experience grogginess when you gain consciousness.

Cost Of The Procedure

The cost of the egg donation procedure is subject to the location and clinic you choose. It also depends heavily on the experience of surgeon involved. The preferred donor traits are also a crucial deciding factor of the cost. Cost Of Donor Eggs thus can’t be quoted in a single figure. It is best to talk to the doctor regarding the probable cost.


Recovery of the egg donor is easy, you are just required to rest through the day. You might experience bloating or cramping just similar to PMS symptoms. Medicines to relieve you of the discomfort will be made available. The discomfort level will vary from individual to individual as every person has a different pain threshold.

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