What are the costs incurred by IVF doctors in India?

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What are the costs incurred by IVF doctors in India?

In case your fertility case is such that it can be very well be cured along with the help of drugs or medications, then all you have to pay for is of the medicines since your treatment can be cured by medicines alone.

In case you have a serious issue, regarding infertility and medicines alone are not going to work for you, then you will have to go in for treatments like IVF, or other related treatments, as per your doctor’s recommendation.

A study declares that there are some guidelines laid out for childless couples:

  • At least 3 cycles of IVF treatment are being offered to infertile couples, in case the couple’s age is less than 40 years and also if they have In the past never gone for IVF (the first time of treatment), also that the test show ovaries respond to the medicines that you have been taking.
  • An IVF cycle includes crackdown of the natural cycle by having fertility drugs in order to control ovaries.
  • The eggs are given a boost, this can be done by giving fertility drugs in order to activate ovaries so that they can manage the production of many eggs.
  • The eggs are then collected, by doctor or obstetrician. The right time to collect the same is when the eggs mature from ovaries.
  • Then comes Ivf, when both eggs and partners sperms are combined in a dish and left there so that they can fertilize and also hatch in the laboratory.
  • ICSI or intracytoplasmic sperm injection is yet another step, in which the partner’s sperm is inserted into the egg which has been removed from ovaries.
  • Progesterone treatment helps the womb for fertilization.
  • Embryo transfer happens when; fresh, fertilized or frozen embryos are kept inside the womb.


The waiting lists for fertility treatment in many areas are too long.  You can get the treatment in case you try going the individual or private way.

The cost depends upon the clinic, one may be charging less and the quality also might be good, but another one might be charging more but, services might not be as good.

Always know the full cost of treatment, plus the costs of medicines also. You will have to plan everything beforehand.

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