What Are The Common Problems Faced By Mothers Of Newborns?

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What Are The Common Problems Faced By Mothers Of Newborns?

Many couples across the world yearn for a baby. Some of them are able to conceive naturally while some of them have to opt for infertility treatments. IVF centre offers various types of treatments for treating infertility. So when your bundle of joy finally arrives, it’s time to take care of your new family member. The delicate beings demand a lot of attention and care and any minor mistake can be fatal for your baby.

Let us take a brief look at the probable health problems your child might be susceptible to –

1. Abdominal Pain And Uneasiness

Quite frequently, the babies experience uneasiness due to gas or constipation.Gently press the belly to find out if it is swollen.

2. Labor Injuries

Labour is a tough time both for the mother and the baby. The baby might incur some injuries during this period. Forcep marks, muscle weakness or a broken collarbone are common injuries during the labor

3. Blue tinge in the skin

Many babies have a bluish tinge in their skin at their hands and feet. If it persists for long, consult the doctor at once.

4. A  Cough

While it is normal for babies to cough while sucking milk, a stubborn cough might indicate a problem with the digestive system or the lungs. If that is the case, fix an appointment with the doctor soon.

5. Jaundice

Most babies are struck with high bilirubin content as their livers are still not mature enough. It might last for a few days but if it doesn’t go away after a few days, its time to see the doctor once again.

6. Respiratory Distress

The babies take some time to breathe like a normal person. Once they learn to do so, however, they should not have any problem. If your baby is having a difficult time breathing, check the nasal passage. Any blockage might be causing the problem. Saline drops could be the ideal solution to this problem.

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