Weight Management And Its Connection With PCOS

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Weight Management And Its Connection With PCOS

Many women find themselves suffering from the condition called PCOS. Our lifestyle has become so sedentary that it has become imperative that we incorporate some sort of exercise in our daily routine to maintain our health and manage our weight. Research has also shown that losing excess weight can prove helpful in conditions like PCOS and other ailments. Even decreasing the weight by small amounts will lead to major benefits to the body. Though the research is still going on in the related field, it has been shown by some studies that the hormones responsible for appetite are beyond control in some PCOS patients. So it might be a true fact that managing weight could indeed be a problem with many females suffering from PCOS. PCOS treatment is available at many infertility centers across India. PCOS surgery is carried out as a part of the treatment.

Weight Loss And PCOS

Even moderate amounts of weight loss could mean normal function of ovaries and normal secretion of hormones as a result . This may lead to improvements in symptoms like excess facial hair growth and hair loss on the scalp. Acne triggered by PCOS may also decrease. A loss of about 5-10 kg can lead to improved insulin resistance, ovulation, and menstrual cycle. It may also lead to improved fertility and health during pregnancy. Good emotional health and reduced risk of developing diabetes and heart disease are also the payoffs when you lose weight.


PCOs may be diagnosed by-

Transvaginal Ultrasound

An account of your medical history and changes in your menstrual cycle and weight are likely to indicate the probability of PCOS. Presence of acne, excessive hair growth and insulin resistance also points towards the probability of PCOS.

A physical pelvic exam will help the doctor in diagnosing the condition. Blood tests or ultrasound can also be undertaken to be certain.

Lifestyle Changes

It is important that you incorporate changes in your lifestyle and eat carefully to achieve the target of weighing less. Be regular with your exercise regimen and eat nutritious food whenever you have hunger pangs. Having a positive attitude throughout will be an added advantage.


PCOS may lead to problems with the menstrual cycle. So your doctor may recommend birth control pills for maintaining the same. The pills will help in reducing the androgen production and control the production of estrogenIit will also help in decreasing the onslaught of endometrial cancer and help with the abnormal bleeding during menstruation. It will also influence excessive hair growth and acne due to the hormonal upheaval. Another way of treating PCOS through medication is by administering Progestin. A regular intake of Progestin for a fortnight will have a positive influence on your periods and also grant protection against the development of endometrial cancer. It is not helpful in increasing androgen levels and prevention of pregnancy though.


Laparoscopic Ovarian Drilling, a minor surgery, might be used for dealing with the problem on a surgical basis. In it, the doctor passes a thin microscopic structure called a laparoscope into the abdomen. The tissue that is producing androgen is destroyed by heat or laser rays. The surgery restores the hormonal imbalance and the functioning of the ovaries.

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