Weight, Fertility and Pregnancy Health

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Weight, Fertility and Pregnancy Health

Pregnancy plays an important role in every girl’s life because it is a dream of her to have her own child. But sometimes it is not possible with natural ovulation cycle, in this case, they can conceive with the help of an infertility treatment. Because there are so many causes of female infertility which affects their reproductive system.

If you are obese then you are at greater risk of infertility and some other health disorders which indirectly contribute to infertility in females. You have to maintain a healthy weight in order to treat your problem.

What is the ideal weight for pregnancy?

You should talk to your doctor and he will suggest you check the BMI mass index. He will guide you about the body mass index in which if you are below 19 or above 25 then you may experience difficulty in getting pregnant. Results of BMI are not always right and cannot tell you the actual weight you need to get pregnant. But this is helpful to get the idea to maintain a healthy weight. You should ask your doctor about the tips to maintain a healthy weight because being overweight can also cause many other health problems.

Obesity and Fertility

There is a great relation between obesity and fertility because obesity is responsible for the fluctuation of hormones. If you have a healthy weight then you are most probably at the stage where you produce a healthy range of estrogen hormones. Moreover, obesity results in more estrogen than normal ones which are responsible for ovulation problems. Which is additionally outcomes in irregular periods and this condition is the primary reason behind infertility. This can also lead to problem s such as PCOS, diabetes, and higher levels of insulin in your body.

Underweight and Ovulation

Not only overweight ladies face difficulty in pregnancy but underweight ladies also experience infertility due to the reduced number of estrogen hormones. In this way, you are not able to produce healthy eggs which are useful for getting pregnant. This condition also leads to infertility in women but not as responsible as overweight.

How To Maintain A Healthy In Order To Conceive A Healthy Child?

You should first talk to your doctor and try some physical activities so that you can get rid of over and underweight condition. You should also go with a healthy and balanced diet which can result in a healthy lifestyle. You can also cut down the consumption of sugar and soft drinks because these are responsible for many health conditions.

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