Ways to Boost Male fertility and Increase Sperm Count

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Ways to Boost Male fertility and Increase Sperm Count

Male with low sperm count are at greater risk of infertility, which means inability to have own child. In this article, we are going to guide on how to boost fertility and increase sperm count.

A recent study reveals that these days the majority of a male is suffering from infertility issues because of many factors in which low sperm count is on the peak. Low sperm count is caused due to many factors such as overheating, taking so many hot tubs, improper rest, unhealthy diet, and so on. In order to treat these conditions, you need to visit the best IVF centre. In addition to this, our hospital is well known for better infertility treatment. So there is no need to worry if you are struggling with male infertility.

We will guide you according to your health condition as well. We will also suggest some other ways to boost your fertility and increase your sperm count.

Here are many ways to boost your fertility and sperm count too.


Exercise or physical activities play an important role in fertility because activities are helpful to maintain your hormone levels. Moreover, if you are suffering from obesity then you have to follow exercises which will help you to lose your weight. According to one investigation, obesity is the main reason behind fluctuations in hormones which further results in male infertility and low sperm count.

You should go for a walk daily for at least 30-40 minutes so that you can get the best outcomes. Or you can also practice some other physical activities which are useful to increase sperm count and boost your fertility.

Avoid Heat

heat is too dangerous for your fertility because it affects your penis and semen as well. In order to boost your fertility, you need to avoid overheating and hot tubs. In addition to this, people who take hot tubs so much are at greater risk of infertility. Which means an inability to enjoy the parenthood, If you really want to have your own baby then, you should avoid overheating your testicles.

Quit Smoking

Smoking contains so many dangerous chemicals which directly affect your fertility and sperm count as well. In order to treat these conditions, you have to quit smoking and avoid consuming another type of drugs as well.

Minimize Your Stress

It is necessary to reduce your stress because stress affects your hormones too much. And there are so many options in order to reduce your stress such as laughing therapies, yoga postures, and meditation as well.

Consume A Healthy Diet

People who consume processed and oily foods are at greater risk of infertility. So, you have to avoid these types of foods and stick to a healthy diet full of fibers, vitamins, and minerals. Moreover, you can also increase your vitamin C and D intake because this is necessary to boost fertility.

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