Various Fertility Tests For Men And Women

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Various Fertility Tests For Men And Women

Fertility tests play a vital role in checking fertility and also in treating it later on. The tests let your doctor know what is keeping you and your partner to enjoy parenthood.

No, doubt pregnancy happens in women’s body, but it is because of her partner who helped her with the same. Doctors recommend both partners to take tests.

Many times infertility occurs because there are some issues with females, rest of the times it is her partner who is not well, rest of the times the infertility is unexplained.

Female Fertility Tests

Female infertility tests are mentioned below:

Blood work, which is used for investigating thrombophilia and antiphospholipid syndrome, along with many hormones like LH, FSH, hormones of the thyroid, androgen hormones, prolaction, estradiol, along with progesterone,also called anti-mullerian hormone.

Doctor recommend many tests to be done on specific days of the menstrual cycle. FSH is checked on the 3rd day of the menstrual cycle.

Ultrasound to check for any chances of Polycystic ovaries, large ovarian cysts, or fibroid and maybe even to check if ovulation is happening or not.

Male infertility tests are given below:

Analyzing the semen is the main test for men. It demands the man giving a semen sample to check. It is advised to do this test on separate days, at least two times.

Mostly, just a semen analysis is used to check male infertility.

Treatment for Infertility

The following are used as infertility treatment:

Being informative :

The patients ought to be informative or educated about the infertility treatment. This will help them in making good decisions and better choices. Hence, for that, it is essential for patients to know about the reproductive process as well. This will make the patients know when to ask for help.

Medicines for creating eggs and ovulation :

The medicines used for activating ovary to develop mature eggs for ovulation are:

  • Pills To Be Taken Orally
  • Injections

The most commonly prescribed pill is called clomiphene citrate. The pill has to be taken from menstrual cycle days 3- 7. The medicine is anti-estrogen. It helps in binding a part of the brain, known as the hypothalamus, to activate the ovary to grow and release an egg.

Injections used for this are gonadotropins. The gonadotropins are FSH and LH. These have to be inserted, mostly at night for around 10 days. This work directly on cells of the ovary to activate eggs to develop.

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