Top 5 Signs That Suggest You Should Consult a Fertility Expert

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Top 5 Signs That Suggest You Should Consult a Fertility Expert

Child conceiving is a natural process and it takes time depending on the fertility of the female. Generally, there is no need to worry if it takes a few months to get pregnant.

You should naturally try first. Inability to conceive despite unprotected intercourse for about a year is a sign of infertility.

However, if you feel a problem (such as irregular menstruation), then do not wait for six to twelve months to consult a gynecologist. Remember, time is not for everyone.

Difficulty in producing a baby is a complex problem for many reasons.

Moreover, doctors who are untrained and possess a lack of knowledge may confuse the patients because they may focus unnecessarily on simple issues such as ovulation.

This can make you miss the big picture and waste your precious time.

You should go for a second opinion and it should be a fertility specialist as they have knowledge about infertility and fertility treatment. These professionals treat both male and female issues.

So, what are the medical conditions that make it important to see a gynecologist? See if any of the following conditions apply to you.

1. You’ve been “trying” for a long time.

A lot of people ask, If we have been actively trying to conceive for the last 6 months, then is there any need to consult a fertility professional?

Well, what is the exact meaning of trying?

The entire period of unsafe intercourse is counted as ‘trying’, not only just the active part.

Age also has a significant impact on it. Mostly the age of 20 to 30 years is considered as the most fertile age.

After the age of 35, female fertility declines, and after 40, it decreases rapidly.

In many cases, the age of the male partner is also a factor.

2. You are having irregular periods

In general, the consultation with patients in most of the cases shows that their fertility has been affected by defective ovulation.

The process of releasing one egg each month is called ovulation. If there is no egg, then there will be no fertilization.

The Irregularity in the menstruation cycle reveals that eggs are not released regularly by the ovaries.

This is the time to approach a fertility expert to make sure that ovaries are working properly and the eggs are being released.

If ovulation is random or rare, fertility specialists can get them on track with the help of medications.

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3. Semen analysis is not optimal

One of the main reasons why a couple should visit an expert is the sperm or malefactors. Male fertility depends on their semen analysis.

It overlooks a variety of attributes, like semen volume, sperm count, mobility of sperm cells, and other factors.

Although it is a process, yet it can cause anxiety in males. Any irregularity in the results is a sign that there is a need to visit a specialist.

4. Two or more abortions

The abortion or inability to undergo the entire process of childbirth is technically a fertility problem.

Common causes may be the genetic structure of the fetus, malformation of the uterus, hormones or other medical conditions such as diabetes or thyroid. 

If the woman has crossed her maximum reproductive age, it can also lead to miscarriage. Your specialist doctor can check and cure the above conditions expertly.

5. Initial treatment did not show satisfactory results

If your body has not acknowledged the foremost gynecological treatment, then fertility clinics may offer modern treatments.

Go to a super specialty clinic for infertility consultation and take it from there without any worries or concerns.

They give extraordinary check-up facilities and treatments to couples having difficulties giving birth to a child.

Search about them to gain expertise and the skills needed to treat infertility.

Few are:

At Last

Trust me, no attempt is too much for your future baby. Some people find it difficult to move in the first place. There should be healthy communication between both partners about how they feel.

However, if there is a contraindication, there are also consultants infertility clinics who specialize in making the whole process easier with the help of gentle guidance.

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