Tips To Get Pregnant After 40

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Tips To Get Pregnant After 40

There are many people who come up with the question “How to get pregnant after 40?”. In the previous generation, such a question would have raised many eyebrows but it seems it is more of a norm rather than the exception in the current times. The reason may be related to the increased professional aspirations of women or simply not wanting to go through the rigmarole of balancing home and work in the early years of married life. Whatever the reason, we are here to supply the answer to the query. Yes, it is possible with various modes of Infertility treatment being given these days. But the truth stands that fertility declines with age. If you are above 40 and intend to start a family at this age, contact the best IVF centre near you.

Why is it harder to get pregnant at 40?

The reduced number of ovules along with a decline in quality after 35 catalyses rises in infertility.

The low quality escalates the chances of spontaneous abortion and chromosomal abnormalities in the foetus.

At 40 plus, the women are more likely to develop certain conditions like diabetes, hormonal imbalances, and hypertension. These conditions oppose the chances of a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

How we can help you

With the following tips, you will find it easier to get pregnant even if you are on the wrong side of 40.

Be health conscious – Pregnancy puts great demands on the woman at a physical and emotional level. The first three months usually send your system into a topsy-turvy state. Only healthy women are able to deal with the changes with ease. So it’s really significant that you ensure a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle is very much a part of your daily life.

Get yourself checked – Opt for a medical check-up which will determine if your parameters are within the normal range. The various tests will be carried out to check your fertility.

Get Advice – Seek advice from your gynaecologist regarding the supplements that may create favorable chances for conception and pregnancy.  Folic acid is one such supplement.

Stay away from substance abuse-Refrain from using alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. These substances are not only harmful to your own body but they are the leading cause of abortion in the early weeks of pregnancy.

Say Ohm – Our psychology affects our physical well-being. De stress and relax by indulging in activities you enjoy. A positive approach towards life will bring you closer to your cherished dream of having a baby.

Keep a watch – If you have not succeeded in conceiving naturally for 6 months, you should go ahead in getting your and your partner’s fertility analyzed.

Get the right break – Get to know all the assisted reproduction techniques and find out which one suits you the best.

All the best for the cherished pregnancy  and the awaited cherub in your arms.

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