Things You Should And Shouldn’t Do During IVF

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Things You Should And Shouldn’t Do During IVF

The treatment of IVF is the most effective option available and even its success rate is high. But, it is essential to keep in mind certain things so that the success rate of the treatment increases. In this guide, we will tell you things which you should do and not do while undergoing the treatment.

Patients who are going to get the IVF treatment might be scared and excited about how the treatment will go. Keep in mind certain things which will help in increasing the chances of IVF. Here we will tell you things that you should do and shouldn’t do while undergoing the treatment of IVF.

Things you should Do

Focus on your health

Throughout the pregnancy, you have to take proper care but for the first 3 months, you need to keep your diet properly. You need to plan your diet accordingly so that your life is not affected in any way. If you give yourself fit and start developing positive thoughts then it will help to improve the egg and sperm quality.

Dealing with the stressful situation

Stress is another thing which can negatively affect the results. If you are taking stress for a long time then its effect will be more. Few things which you can try like biking, meditation, sports, hiking, cleaning, woodworking, swimming, writing, and cooking.

Start exercising

You should start exercising as it will help to stay fit and also the baby growth will be proper. You should start doing aerobic and the intensity of workout should be light to moderate. Along with exercising you should eat healthy like eggs, fish, and avocado. Cut down the sugar and inflammatory food.

Take your vitamins

During the pregnancy, you must take your prenatal vitamins. This thing is essential for both men and women. Talk to your IVF doctor as they will let you know what you should take and in what amount.

Things you should not do

Cutback on alcohol

The studies have shown that patients who drink have fewer chances to conceive successfully. If both men and women drink 4 drinks every week then the chances are reduced by 50%. Even if you visit the IVF center then also doctor will recommend you the same thing.

Do not drink too much coffee

There is evidence which shows that drinking coffee can affect the likelihood of treatment. Additionally, it also affects the sleeping pattern.

Do not exercise for weight loss

Make sure your exercise routine is not for weight loss. No doubt, losing weight is essential to increase the success of IVF. But, if you are facing the weight problem then make sure you start before the treatment.

Starting early and preparing properly will help to manage the pregnancy and treatment in the best way possible.

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