Therapies For Sexuality And Fertility Management After Spinal Cord Injury

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Therapies For Sexuality And Fertility Management After Spinal Cord Injury

SCI or Spinal cord injuries majorly affect sexual behavior along with reproduction in different situations. It depends on the injury level and individual.

What stimulates the sexual stimulation?

Sexual stimulation happens when either physically or mentally the person gets stimulated. The effects of SCI depend on the place, type, and level of injury. SCI damages the reproduction system by hampering the sexual activities which arise due to problems in reaching erection and ejaculation in men or women having problems getting aroused. Sometimes the quality of sperm is also affected after an injury. Male infertility can arise due to SCI.

What are the Risk Factors?

SCI is most likely to damage the erection and ejaculation in men and vaginal lubricant in females.

What You Can Do –

Tell Doctor Medical history

Doctors will ask about any previous medical history. The patients will tell about other medical problems, sex-related issues, any mental health issues, about the medicines which the person is taking at present.

Doctor performs a health examination

The physician performs a health examination to know about the patient’s general overall health. A hip flexion reflex is carried out to know about the ejaculation issues. A functional rating is also done to know about the dependency on movement and muscle contractions, which can affect the position for sexual activity, functioning of the hands and arms and also managing bladder and bowels.

Tests to be done

The doctor might ask for getting blood tested for hormone levels, infection, metabolic syndrome, and other disorders. A patient reported erection function scale can also be assessed.

Who will help you in getting better?

This includes a physician, nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, healer and also recreation psychotherapist. All of them prescribe medications and devices to help in sexual activity, treat bladder and bowel control problems, give tools for positioning while being sexually involved, offer help for activities related to sex, do counseling for both couples or individual and also aid the patients in participating in activities for leading healthy lifestyle.

Psychological Therapy

The mental and social well being is a very important part of sexual health after an SCI, as are other aspects of physical health important. It is very important to feel good about yourself and your body post-SCI. You have to work on improving your health and also have to get back the lost confidence.

Hence in order to get back to a normal loving relationship with your partner and also to live a healthy lifestyle, you must take follow your doctor’s instructions and do as per their advice.

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