The Chemical To Avoid To Get Pregnant Normally

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The Chemical To Avoid To Get Pregnant Normally

A new study showed that during pregnancy if you take food which contains a high level of acrylamide can result in low birth weight of your baby as well as the size of the head is small.

What Is Acrylamide?

It is a type of chemical which is used in industry since the 1950s. This is used in making glue, paper, and cosmetics. Moreover, it is also found in the traditional smoking product. When food is cooked at high temperature it is formed in the starchy food products. However more research is needed on this, but it showed that it has cancer forming properties which are possibly found in animals and possibly in humans. This can cause nerve damage when a high dose of this chemical is taken.

In What Acrylamide Is Found?

The food item which is carbohydrate-rich and are cooked at very high temperature. The formation of acrylamide is found in fried, baked, roasted, and grilled food. Some of them are roasted nuts, crisp bread, popcorn, crisps, and potato chips.

How Does The Chemical Affect The Baby?

The evidence which is found is still not clear, but it suggested that the baby gets exposed to the chemical through the food inside the womb and the placenta barrier is crossed. Some studies also suggested that having too much of acrylamide can affect fetal growth and this eventually leads to weight issues in baby. This can also result in many complications such as weight gain, infection, and risk of coronary heart disease. It can affect your fertility as well as pregnancy chances. In that case, you should consult the doctor for Infertility treatment so that they can guide you with the best type of treatment option available. In most cases, the problem is solved with IVF as it is one of the most successful options.

It would be better if you eat food with low acrylamide to avoid any problem. It might seem difficult in the first place to reduce the amount of acrylamide in your diet but it will be worth the effort.

How Can I Avoid This Chemical?

Microwave and boiling do not produce acrylamide. So instead of frying, baking, grilling, and roasting, you should try a healthy option which will reduce the amount of acrylamide.  

Additionally, you should avoid the consumption of processed food as they also contain a high amount of acrylamide. Limit the use of cakes and ready meal, eat fresh food to prevent any problem.

Make sure you do not overcook the food, don’t toast the bread too much, cook fresh meat as do not form acrylamide and do not keep potatoes in the fridge.

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