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Test Tube Baby Centre in Ludhiana

Test tube baby procedure or IVF is the advanced procedure that has blessed many childless couples with their dream baby. In 1978, after the birth of first test tube baby in India, this technique started blooming all over the world with no leaps and bounds.

Childless couples prefer this technique as for them it is the last hope to complete their families.  With this technique, the couple can have their biological baby even if they have the undefined form of infertility.

IVF or test tube baby technique is the lab assisted technique in which female eggs and the male sperms are fertilized in the Petri dish kept in the controlled condition of lab for artificial conception whereas in the natural conception process female eggs and male sperms meet and fertilized in the fallopian tubes attached to the ovaries in the womb of females.

For the better understanding of the procedure let us have a look on the process of test tube baby.

Test Tube Baby Process

Test tube baby procedure is done in the 5 basic steps as follows

Step 1 Suppressing the Menstrual Cycle

In the first step, the female’s menstrual cycle is monitored and suppressed with the induced ovulation. Fertility drugs have been given to the female patient in the form of injections for at least 14 days to suppress their natural ovulation.

Fertility drugs containing FSH are given to women so that the ovaries produce more eggs of better quality. In this step vaginal ultrasounds are done to ensure the monitoring of ovaries to check the production of eggs.

Step 2 eggs collection

Female eggs are retrieved from the ovaries with the minor surgical procedure, called follicular aspiration. In this surgical procedure thin needle connected to the suction device is inserted through the vagina up to the ovaries. This needle sucks out the eggs from ovaries and more than one eggs are collected to higher the chances of conception.

Step 3 sperm collection

In the next step male sperms are collected from the semen sample given by the male partner. In case of poor quality of sperms or no sperms, as per the wish of patient frozen or donor sperms can also be used for IVF.

Step 4 Fertilization

It is the main step which distinguishes the natural conception and the IVF conception. Opposite to natural conception, in IVF male sperms and female eggs are kept together in Petri dish for further fertilization. The Petri dish is kept in the controlled conditions of the lab that mimics the mother womb.

Step 5 monitoring and embryo implantation

In this crucial step, the fertilization process undergoing in the lab is continuously monitored so that any unfavorable conditions can be prevented and only the healthy fertilization can take place. After the development of the healthy embryo, the healthiest among all has been chosen and implanted in the womb of the intended mother for the successful pregnancy.

Test Tube Baby Cost in Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Test tube baby cost can vary from country wise, state wise and even center wise depending on the factors like doctor’s fee, consultation charges, medication charges, hospital charges and many other. These entire factors can matter differently in the different centers so the cost can be variable for taking IVF treatment.

We can study the cost comparison and calculation of IVF cost and Cost difference worldwide in following three tables


Table 1 signifies worldwide cost comparison


India USD 3,000-5,000
Europe USD 12,000
USA USD 15,000
Australia USD 13,000


It can be seen that test tube baby cost in India is the lowest one so in India patients can get world best treatment at the reasonable cost.


Table 2 signifies the calculation of test tube baby cost


Treatment Cost difference
Basic IVF treatment Rs 2,50, 000-Rs 4,00,000
IVF +ICSI Basic IVF cost+ Rs. 1,50,000
IVF +FET Basic IVF cost + Rs 1,20,000


It means the cost of IVF can be minimum Rs.1, 50,000 and the additional cost of ICSI treatment and FET can be added for the total cost of IVF. Some patients combine ICSI treatment with IVF as the ICSI confirms the fertilization of the individual egg with the individual sperm after medication for ensuring the successful pregnancy.


Some females have poor quality eggs so they like to get IVF treatment with frozen egg treatment (FET) so the cost of test tube baby can be higher for them normally FET costs up t Rs 1, 20,000 on the average basis and the IVF cost s added for the complete package.


Table 3 signifies the State wise cost comparison in India


MUMBAI Rs. 2,00,000-Rs.3,00,000
BANGLORE Rs. 1,60,000-Rs. 1,80,000
CHENNAI Rs.1,50,000-Rs.1,60.000
DELHI Rs. 80,000-Rs.1,20,000
NAGPUR Rs. 60,000-Rs. 90,000
HYDERABAD Rs.90,000-Rs.1,20,000
PUNE Rs. 80,000-Rs.1,05,000
KOLKATA Rs. 75,000-Rs. 1,10,000
PUNJAB Rs. 1,50,000 – Rs. 2,50,000

Test Tube Baby Success Ratio

The success ratio of this treatment depends on the experience and efficiency of the IVF doctor and choice of the best test tube baby center in India. Moreover patient’s health, age and infertility problem can also make difference to after results but on the average basis, more than 45% success ratio is there with IVF treatment.

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