Understanding Surrogacy Beyond Measures

Becoming a mother may require you to walk an extra mile and even take you to the route of surrogacy. From here, we discuss the different concerns of surrogacy

What is Surrogacy?

This is an arrangement where a woman, with the required conditions, is selected to carry a pregnancy of a couple or an individual. Surrogacy has several backgrounds, but the most important fact is that modern surrogacy approaches provide the grand desire with a couple to hold a genetic baby.

Forms of Surrogacy

There are basically two forms of surrogacy and they include;
Gestational surrogacy
This is a type of surrogacy where a selected woman only acts as a carrier and there isn’t any genetic connection with her. In this case, the IVF procedure is utilized to combine the intended couple’s eggs and sperms in order to form an embryo after which the embryo is transferred to the surrogate’s uterus for implantation and development

Traditional Surrogacy
In this type of surrogacy, the selected woman is the biological mother of the child since her egg is used and only sperms from the intended father of the child are introduced into her body or combined with her egg to form an embryo.

Surrogates & Surrogacy

A credit goes to surrogate mothers who decide to help other women faced with various constraints of conceptions, bring children into this world. To become a surrogate, a woman must undergo a screening process where she meets all the various terms and conditions before carrying another couple’s child. The screening includes;

  • Age- a surrogate must be aged between 19 and 41
  • She must be healthy- this means that her family history and her medical history must be excellent
  • It is okay if at all she has ever given birth to a child or children
  • A surrogate must have a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 25 to 33 or 35
  • She must meet various conditions of surrogacy depending on the country she is located in
  • She must not engage in illegal drugs or anabolic drugs, smoking or even alcoholism
  • She must be willing to surrender the child after birth

Surrogacy at our advanced centre

We are an advanced Surrogacy Centre in India, that provides unique and lawful surrogacy procedures for infertile couples. Our team of fertility experts is keen to ensure that legal, medical, and right measures are followed during surrogacy procedures

You will have to schedule an appointment to meet our fertility experts and you will be evaluated and in this, we ascertain as to whether you are ready for surrogacy or an ideal parent.

You are provided with a questionnaire that acts as a test.

Your desired form of surrogacy will be discussed. In most cases, various tests are conducted to ascertain your infertility issue. In this, various options like IVF with donor eggs is an option in the case of male infertility.

Fertility drugs will also be provided to the intended mother to provide eggs and in case no viable eggs are acquired, donor eggs are an option

Your surrogate will be evaluated and in case you find no eligible surrogate, our centre can find you a right surrogate.

Cost of Surrogacy

Surrogacy is extensively expensive to 40% of those who may require the procedure. This arrangement may include paying the surrogate, accommodation, food and other facilities without clinical charges. With that, there isn’t any definite Surrogacy cost in India unless one consults fertility experts at a surrogacy centre.

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