How to Support someone who is facing infertility issue after you have successful treatment?

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How to Support someone who is facing infertility issue after you have successful treatment?

Eva Hospital: Infertility journey is not easy, but having someone to support you will make a lot of difference. It is essential that you share your thoughts with someone. Things would be even better if a person who has undergone the treatment is there with you to give you support.

Invite them to different functions

You might think that they are not able to handle the situation perfectly, so you start avoiding them to attend the functions. You might have attended your friends for lunch but you did not ask your friend as you think they will feel awkward. But this is the biggest mistake. This will start creating negative thoughts in their mind. So, it would be better if you make them a part of your functions and happy moments. This way, it will help them to stay happy and positive throughout the journey.

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Keep a check on her

It is true that you have just got pregnant and it is quite exciting that you are going to have a baby. There are lots of appointments you have to attend but it is essential that you do not neglect your friend in this hard time. You know the feeling and emotions as you have already gone on this journey. It would be better if you start building a relationship with them and understand their feelings.

Don’t text long message

You might be supporting them but it possible that timing is very wrong. Don’t explain to them how it felt when they were facing the problem. Make sure you do not say them anything which would trigger their feelings in a negative way. You might think sharing your journey with them will make things easy but it might go the wrong way.

Make them a part of your new life

Keep in mind when you were facing the problem they were part of your journey. In your ups and downs, they were supporting you. It would be best if you share with them how you are doing and your baby’s health. She is the same person who texted you when they were facing problems and when you texted them they supported you. They supported you when you felt uncomfortable. So, now it is your duty to be with them. They might feel frustrated over many things. They will need little time or they feel anxious over certain things. But, you need to make them understand that everything will be fine. It will take time and effort to manage things effectively.

If you are experiencing a problem then you should seek the help of the best fertility specialist. Just keep in mind your patience will pay you on time. The doctor will make sure you get the best treatment plan according to the problem you are facing.

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