Suffering From Constipation During Pregnancy – Here Is What You Can Do To Overcome It

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Suffering From Constipation During Pregnancy – Here Is What You Can Do To Overcome It

Giving birth to a child is something which is immeasurable and unmatched. Women now a days face a lot of problem related to pregnancy including female infertility which has become very common. Pregnancy comes along with various physical and physiological changes and almost every woman has to experience one or many of them. Some of the common issues faced during pregnancy are morning sickness, lethargy, constipation, stress, depression etc. Some of the issues are easy to deal with, some pass away with time while some need special attention or treatment.


Constipation occurs when there is abdominal pain or discomfort in sudden. It is also characterized by infrequent bowel movements. Nearly 50% of the women are found to be suffering from constipation at any point of time during their pregnancy.


There can be various factors that cause constipation during pregnancy. These are:

1. Worry
2. Anxiety
3. Reduction in exercise
4. Low-fiber diet
5. Iron tablets

It can be accounted for the relaxation of intestinal muscles due to hormones. Due to this, the excretion of food and waste becomes slower.


Following practices can help in overcoming the problem of constipation during pregnancy

1. Intake of fluids: the intake of fluids in the form of water, milk, juices, lime water, coconut water and, buttermilk should be increased to a total of 10 to 12 glasses per day. This keeps the body hydrated and leads to release of stool.

2. High-fiber diet: it is essential to consume food rich in fibers such as, carbohydrate-rich diet, fruits, vegetables, cereals, salads, whole grain bread, prunes, and bran. Its consumption up to 25 to 30 grams per day can help in combating this problem to a large extent.

3. Elimination or reduction of iron supplements: it is best to avoid iron supplements and instead stick to apple and spinach for fulfilling the iron requirement of the body. If at all, it is required, its consumption should be restricted. Besides, water intake should be increased to counterbalance its effect on digestion.

4. Exercise daily: it is necessary to not to skip exercise during pregnancy. The form and timing of pregnancy should be altered as per the doctor’s advice and consultation. Light exercises and yoga can help to reduce constipation.

In brief, pregnancy is full of joys that come along their own drawbacks. Having a healthy stomach is imperative for the health of a pregnant woman to relieve her from discomfort caused due to the same.

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