Some of the Helpful Tips for Losing Weight With PCOS

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Some of the Helpful Tips for Losing Weight With PCOS

What is PCOS?

PCOS stand for polycystic ovary syndrome: It is a condition which is generally followed by a hormonal imbalance and many more problems including irregular periods or problems related to the ovary. This problem generally can have its impact on 7% of the young girls and women. 

Some of the helpful tips related to losing weight that has this problem of PCOS:

  • Reducing the carb intake – By reducing the carb consumption many problem of weight loss can be solved. It is estimated with some of the studies that round about 70% of women suffers from issues like insulin resistance. They can also affect the hormone insulin, besides this fact that fat and weight gain are interrelated to each other. In one study, it is observed at IVF centre in India that women with PCOS can only take the huge amount of protein and no other fat is allowed to be taken by the woman. It is completely known that this can increase the problem more at a bigger level.
  • To include plenty of Fibres – According to PCOS treatment in Punjab it becomes must to have some fibres and minerals in the diet. In return it adds to the value and make the body more strong and powerful. The immune system becomes way far better and also helps to achieve the ultimate goal of the weight loss. From the facts and figures it is roughly estimated that women with the situation that high fibres have to be included in the meal are much fit and healthy as compared to those who do not include it in the diet.
  • Eat healthy fats and enough protein – Protein and healthy fats has the ability which further helps to stabilize blood pressure and additionally also increases the fullness after having a fine meal. It may also help to reduce the weight. The food that contains protein in rich amount are eggs, nuts, dairy, meat and seafood. People should know that which food they have to include in their meal and which not. Healthy fats includes avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil and nut butters.
  • Try to have more and more fermented foods – Healthy gut bacteria plays a crucial role in weight loss and help to maintain the overall metabolism in the body. Having this as the plus point such kind of fermented foods can also help a lot to improve the level of pro biotic such as yogurt.
  • Enjoy the eating and limiting sugar content in food – By limiting the sugar content in the food can really help a lot in reducing weight. The problem sometimes lie with us that we do not enjoy our food at all. The joy with our eating is the main part where we all lack. Patients with PCOS are specially advice to take the food which contains less amount of added sugar.    

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