Some Facts About Infertility Which You Didn’t Know

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Some Facts About Infertility Which You Didn’t Know

Many of us know that getting pregnant is not easy as we go in the old age bracket. Especially when we cross the 30 age group. There are many more reasons for infertility to be connected.

There are many things about infertility and infertility treatment which might surprise you. To know about those facts, please keep reading:

The right time for getting into intercourse is 3-4 days which lead to ovulation

Once the ovulation begins the eggs live for not more than one day( in case they are not fertilized). So the place of fertility post ovulation remains very tiny. But, while the days which lead to ovulation, sperm can survive post intercourse for four or five days and would be present once ovulation begins.

It takes up to 6 menstrual cycles to balance post quitting birth pills.

If you are amongst one who has oral birth control pills and does not want to conceive very soon, please remember that it can take up to 6 months for your cycle to balance after you quit taking the pills. The pills work by overthrowing the natural hormones. The hormones are accountable for ovulation. It may take a few months for hormones to even out after all the medicines are thrown out of your body.

Since every individual is different, so the way a medicine or treatment works on each I also very different. Some women ovulate very soon after stopping the pill. But for others, it takes about 5- 6months  for menses to begin. In case you are also one of those, then don’t forget to visit your gynecologist. Your gynecologist will tell you some reason as to why your menses are being postponed. They can help you in getting back your menses.

In cases of couple infertility, there is 50% chance of male infertility and 50% of female infertility.

It is a known fact by all that the female reproductive system is more complicated than men. Hence many people assume the root cause of infertility to be in women. No doubt, there are many women who are infertile, but that doesn’t make every woman be the same. While there are 50% chances of female infertility, same goes for men. Even they are responsible for not having babies at their place, due to male infertility.

Below Are Listed Some Methods Of Treating Male Infertility Through Some Natural Methods:

Alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and cigarette are the two main culprits of having any kind of disorder. Infertility also is one of them. Hence stop smoking and having alcohol if you wish to father a child soon.

Nourished diet

Have a diet upgraded with all the essential vitamins and minerals along with other body essential things.

Throw away the junk

Have less of burgers, Maggie and Coffee. All the junk food leads to infertility.

Healthy living

Enroll in some yoga or pranayama. Yoga and pranayama are known to cure the biggest of disorders, if nothing, then it will help you in keeping your stress levels at bay.

Avoid Using High Temperature.

High temperature leads to low sperm count, hence avoid taking hot baths or too much heat.

Between 20 – 24 Is The Best Bmi For Conception

In case you are medium built and trying to conceive. Then your weight loss program schedule will go for a toss. Your ideal body mass index, while you try to get pregnant, is between 20 24. hence any woman who is of 5’ 6” would reach the best BMI weighing around 120  – 140 lbs and a woman who is around 5’9”would be weighing about 135 – 165 lbs. A woman who has experienced irregular menses or whose menses stopped completely must have a very low BMI when she was a teenager.

Getting It Treated

If you and your couple have got tired of trying again and again of getting pregnant, but all methods have failed. Then it is likely that you should consider seeing a doctor, forgetting infertility treatment.

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