Some Common Issues Related to Male Infertility

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Some Common Issues Related to Male Infertility

Of all infertility cases, approximately 40 to 50% are attributed to malefactors.

The inability of a male person to pregnant a fertile woman is known as Male infertility.

It is a disease with Psychological, economic and medical implications that causes trauma and stress, specifically in social settings such as India.

Infertility is a disorder of the reproductive system. According to WHO (World Health Organisation) If a couple fails to conceive during unprotected intercourse for 12 months or longer, infertility can develop.

Types of issues related to male infertility:

In addition to not being able to conceive a child, a man may experience a few other issues that may indicate an underlying problem:

Physiological Issues

Here are some medical issues that can cause pregnancy problems that you may not be aware of until the test:

Testicular Problems

The testicles are the sacs that surround and protect the sperm. A condition in which the testicles become swollen due to a tumor or infection that prevents normal activity is called Varicocele.

It is also possible that one or both of the testicles never go down into the scrotum. Men who face it are less likely to have healthy fertility levels.

Health Issues

Infertility in Men has been linked to frequent respiratory infections, previous surgeries, illnesses, medications taken in the past, or major hormonal changes.

Medicines are given for arthritis, cancer, depression, digestion, infection or high blood pressure also have a negative effect on sperm production, function and childbirth.

Hormonal Abnormalities

Fertility also gets affected by Hormonal imbalance or low testosterone levels.

Problems with the milk-producing hormone prolactin, high levels of blood sugar, or hormone-producing organs such as the thyroid or adrenal gland can disrupt sperm production, libido, and orgasm.

Low Sperm Count

Fertilizing the female’s eggs requires a sufficient number of sperm cells in high concentration in the male’s semen.

Medically, less than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen is a low sperm count.

It is one of the most common reasons for a man’s inability to get a woman pregnant.

Quality of Sperm/ Motility

Apart from having a good sperm count, the sperm should also naturally have other traits like motility.

The morphology (structure of the cell) and its ability to move rapidly control the quality of the sperm.

Decreased sperm motility prevents it from reaching the eggs. The unusual shape also makes it less effective.

Issues related to sexual activity

Primarily, it involves difficulties in the ejaculatory process, low semen production, low libido, or difficulty maintaining an erection.

It can be caused by hormonal imbalances, other medical conditions, lifestyle habits or unknown factors.

Ejaculation disorders can affect the chances of pregnancy. Improper ejaculation means that the sperm cannot reach the egg and fertilize it.

This could be fully unable to ejaculate, very early, or in the urinary bladder. The last mentioned is a physical problem.

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Genetic Issues

Genes have two types of chromosomes – X and Y from which X is female and Y is a male chromosome.

Because of the abnormal gene variations, some men get the XYY syndrome of Klinefelter, where they have an extra X chromosome in their cells(the female sex-determining structure). 

Renowned IVF specialist Dr. Shivani Bhutani says, “There are advanced solutions available for such couples. Sperm screening and sperm donor are helpful to resolve genetic issues.  

Lifestyle or Environmental Factors

Environmental factors can cause some common problems related to male infertility.

It plays a major role in presenting difficulties in pregnancy. These options include:

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and illegal drugs have the potential to reduce sperm production. Excessive drinking can also lower testosterone levels, cause erectile dysfunction, and liver damage that can lead to infertility.

Steroid drugs can cause the size of the testicles to shrink and fall, on the other hand, drugs like cocaine and marijuana can significantly reduce sperm quality.


Smoking can potentially lead to low sperm count. Even secondary or passive smoking can affect your fertility levels.


Stress is directly related to the production of hormones. A man can not be in the best fertile position when he is going through mental and emotional stress as well as anxiety or depression.


Maintenance of proper body weight is important not only for fitness but also for reproductive health.

Obesity can damage sperm cells through severe hormonal fluctuations in the body leading to male infertility.


People usually associate fertility issues with women and ignore issues related to male infertility.

However, many couples around the world are unable to conceive due to male factor infertility.

Understanding the causes of men’s disability can help couples deal with it and seek appropriate treatment.

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