Smoking and Infertility Facts – What You Can Do About it?

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Smoking and Infertility Facts – What You Can Do About it?

Everyone knows how bad smoking is for health. In spite of knowing this many still resort to smoking and when they have issues due to smoking they finally try to quit it. Not many people know that smoking is the leading cause of infertility. many couples around the world are suffering because of it. Let us get to know some facts about smoking and infertility:

Smoking Is The Leading Cause Of Infertility

All those who smoke cigarettes are more likely to face fertility related issues. Smoking a cigarette can spread about 8000 harmful chemicals in the body. Smoking causes some problems like:

  • Risk of miscarriage and cancer
  • Damage to eggs or premature menopause
  • Damage to reproductive organs
  • Problems with Ovulation

When smokers get treated for fertility, they take a  long time to conceive. There is also a chance that they give birth to babies having health-related issues.

Secondary Smoking Greatly Impacts Your Chances Of Fertility.

If your husband is a smoker, and you are trying your level best to conceive, then please tell them to stop smoking. Secondary smoking is very much likely to make you prone to harmful chemicals which affect your fertility. It has been proven that secondary smoking is very harmful to your fertility just as active smoking is. Exposure to secondary smoke even for a few days can badly damage your ability to conceive.

Smoking Has Also Known To Increase The Chances Of Miscarriage

Miscarriage is not easy to deal with. All those who smoke are more likely to suffer from a miscarriage than non-smokers are. Smoking also increases health risk during conception, like the lady may face preterm labor and ectopic pregnancy.

Not Only Does Smoking Affect Women, But It Is A Reason For Male Infertility Also.

Those men who smoke are at an increased risk for male infertility problems:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low sperm count and sperm motility problems
  • Hormonal issues

Getting pregnant can also prove difficult if your partner is a smoker, he needs to stop smoking if you both really wanna conceive a child. Female smokers can increase their chances of getting pregnant by stopping to smoke at least 2 months before starting to get pregnant.

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