Should I Worry About my Fertility In My Early 20s

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Should I Worry About my Fertility In My Early 20s

Fertility decreases with age but it is best if you start taking care of the fertility in your early 20s. In this guide we will discuss male fertility at an early age.

Infertility is always considered as an issue with women. But, men need to know that it can also affect men. Studies have shown that in one out of three cases men are responsible for the issue related to fertility. No doubt, in some cases the exact cause of infertility is not known. But this is clear that both men and women equally face the issue of infertility.

Well, this means that men need to take proper action even when they are not planning to have a baby in the future. Taking proactive action will help to treat the issue of infertility in the best way. It would be best if you start taking about fertility in the early 20s. It does not matter if you are not planning to have a family in the future but making sure your fertility is preserved will help you a lot.

How to take care of fertility?

It would be best if you keep in mind certain factors so that your fertility does not get affected. Here are some ways in which men can take care of their fertility.

  • Lifestyle Habits

There are certain lifestyle factors like obesity, illegal drugs, alcohol consumption, use of drugs, and tobacco can affect fertility. Additionally, they also affect the overall health of the person. You should keep your weight according to BMI (Body Mass Index). In case, you are not sure then you should seek the help of the doctor as they will help you to make changes in your diet to lose weight.

  • A vigorous routine of Exercise

No doubt, exercise is helpful in keeping the mind and body healthy. But if you are putting too much pressure on the body then it can affect your fertility in a negative way. The sperm count is affected by the amount of testosterone found in the body, having a low sperm count means you are doing the extreme workout. Make sure you consult your fitness trainer or doctor to tell you about the perfect fitness routine.

  • STD prevention

Fertility issue also gets triggered by STD and STI. This is because, it can lead to scarring, infection, and obstruction problems which make it difficult for the couple to conceive. Without consulting a fertility specialist the problem will not solve. For better advice consult the doctor for infertility treatment.

  • Preventing injury

Predicting the accidental injury is impossible. But it is important that you take preventive measures so that it does not cause too much on your body which might also affect fertility.

If you have any questions regarding male infertility treatment then you can visit our hospital and consult a fertility specialist.

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