Relationship Between Sexual Dysfunction And Infertility

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Relationship Between Sexual Dysfunction And Infertility

Majority of people are suffered from infertility problem these days which affects negatively your relations with your partner and other family members. This is a condition which is not only common in female but also this condition is experienced by males as well. They suffer from many health problems such as sexual problems., injuries, and some other health conditions. The main problems they face are low sperm count, low sperm motility, and sexual dysfunction.

Let’s have a look at the relation between sexual dysfunction and infertility.

Sexual Dysfunctions

Majority of people are experienced sexual problems such as 45% of people are suffering from sexual dysfunction which leads to male infertility. This is the condition which can cause due to many issues such as due to over-consumption of drugs and injuries to the penis. This is the condition which usually dissatisfies your female partner during the intercourse.

This sexual dysfunction is not only the problem of males but also happens in women as hypoactive sexual desire disorder. In this problem ladies usually face the difficulties during sexual intercourse, for example, painful intercourse and difficulty reaching orgasm. Whereas in men, this is defined as erectile dysfunction problem which basically stops the blood circulation to the penis.

The relation between Sexual Dysfunctions and Infertility

The relation between sexual dysfunction and infertility is transparent because due to this problem couple cannot able to conceive a child.  Due to sexual dysfunction, they cannot enjoy the sex and this will lead to dissatisfaction in both genders. Which may lead to many health conditions such as they are not as active as others who are normal. Sexual dysfunction condition may worsen over time due to stress and negativity in your relation. You have to reduce your stress and clear out your doubts related to sexual problems prior to treatment.

Treatment of sexual dysfunction

The primary and effective treatment for this condition is IVF, which is additionally known as an infertility treatment. This is the treatment which gives you more natural and effective results because this is a totally safe and secure technique to infertility. You must talk to your doctor first, he may suggest something to reduce your stress and depression. Since these, both factors are responsible for IVF treatment. With the help of IVF treatment, you will be able to conceive a child because in this treatment your surgeon implants healthy embryos in female’s uterus. He may suggest some precautions such as quit smoking and avoid poor nutrition with the goal of success of this treatment.

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