Relation Between Your Weight And Infertility

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Relation Between Your Weight And Infertility

One of the main reason which affects infertility is weight. We all know the healthy weight will not prevent various health problems but it will also help the couple to conceive successfully. However, if both men and women are overweight then it will definitely create some problem.

Weight and Fertility

The problem of male infertility is because of different factors and one of them is overweight. One of the studies showed that men who are overweight and obese produce very low sperm or zero sperm count as compared to men who have normal weight. Eventually, this increases the chances of not conceiving successfully. The research also combined the data of 14 other studies in which sperm count for both obese and overweight is compared along with normal weight and data from infertility center. It clearly showed that around 11 percent of men have low sperm count who is overweight and 39 percent of men have zero sperm count. Men who are obese have low sperm count which is around 42% and not only this, around  81% of men produce no sperm. Men who are overweight have a very low level of male hormone (testosterone) and a high level of female hormone (estrogen). This eventually affects sperm quality, sperm quantity, and semen production. If you are facing an issue then you should visit our doctor to get the infertility treatment.

The problem of female infertility is also because of overweight and underweight. The female hormone which is estrogen is produced in the ovaries. If the women have a healthy weight it means your body is producing a healthy amount of estrogen. But if not then the fat cells produce more hormone than required. Due to this, you will not ovulate on time or you might not ovulate at all. The study has shown that women also face the problem of irregular menstrual cycle which automatically decreases their chances of getting pregnant. You might not face the problem of the irregular period but overweight definitely affects fertility. Moreover, it also increases the risk of miscarriage and the baby born might have a health-related issue.

What Should I do about this issue?

It is important that you keep the follow a strict diet and lose a few kgs to maintain a healthy weight for pregnancy.  You should keep your weight according to BMI (Body Mass Index) which should be between 18.5 to 24.9 which is a normal and healthy weight. Overweight is considered between 25 to 29.9. You should consult the doctor about the treatment and determine the best way to lose weight.

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