Procedure to Become a Surrogate

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Procedure to Become a Surrogate

If you are thinking about becoming a surrogate then the first step is to understand the process to become a surrogate.

We provide Surrogacy services at Eva Hospital’s Infertility Clinic. When a couple is ready to get help from a surrogate then our team of professionals handles everything. 

Helping other human beings, giving them the joy of parenthood, is a priceless gift.

Here we will discuss the basics of this procedure.


A person for gestational surrogacy is a person who is comfortable and happy about being pregnant and really wants to help the other person to start a family.

The age of the woman should be between 21 to 44 and she should have given birth before.

Her husband and his immediate family should support her regarding this decision. Her previous pregnancy should be generally healthy.

As a surrogacy candidate, you must be a non-smoker, without any medical or criminal issues, and with a regular BMI or body mass index.

You must be mentally and physically prepared to go through the required tests and assessments.

Understand the Meaning of Gestational and Traditional Surrogacy

A gestational surrogate mother is one who gives birth to a child conceived through IVF.

In this scenario, the egg is taken from the intended mother & the sperm can be either of the intended father or a sperm donor.

Through this pregnancy, you will not get attached genetically to the baby. 

A traditional surrogate is one who is artificially inseminated using the intended father’s sperm, usually using his own egg. She becomes the genetic and biological mother of the child. 

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Contact an Infertility Clinic or Surrogacy Agency

You should choose an infertility clinic that can assure you make your surrogacy experience positive and smooth. 

You will meet the couple you are going to help so that you feel connected. The doctors will take care of legal as well as medical aspects.

Eva Hospital Ludhiana controls surrogacy services under a comprehensive program that will be helpful throughout your journey. 

We ensure the highest ethics, standards, and consistency regarding personal issues in relation to surrogacy and childbirth. You should feel comfortable and safe during the whole process.

Ideal Match

Dr. Shivani Bhutani at Eva Infertility clinic makes it a point to fulfill the desires of surrogates in every way.

Surrogacy is similar to a relationship but it is unique and is based on the individual preferences and personal concerns of everyone involved in that relationship. 

We always move forward when the match is right, which can be quick or may take some time.

Meeting with Intended Parents

Once intended parents have the opportunity to find out details about you, your weakness as well background, we arrange an appointment between you and your chosen couple.

It gives everyone a chance to get to know each other, ask each other questions, and know more about the features of the whole process going forward.

Surrogacy Contract

Gestational surrogacy includes legal and medical provisions, which require a written agreement or contract outlining the responsibilities, roles, and duties of each person.

You do not need to sign any paperwork unless you are comfortable and satisfied with the stated duties.

Moreover, you will not be forced to sign anything unless you are comfortable with the responsibilities and expectations.

The intended parents bear the whole cost of documentation. After signing the papers, you proceed to the next medical stage.

Understand the Commitment of Time

The process of surrogacy is not very time-consuming, but make sure it is compatible with other goals in your life.

After embryo transfer and implantation you will need to go to the clinic for monitoring.

You will also need time commitment from your support person or family when you go in for tests and further procedures.


You can contact us for any queries related to the process of surrogacy and come to know if we have the right suggestions for you.

It may sound complicated but the whole process is very simple and every stage is handled professionally by Eva IVF in Ludhiana.

We aim to provide the best surrogacy services and guidance to couples as well as surrogates.

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