Pain During Ovulation- Is It Normal?

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Pain During Ovulation- Is It Normal?

In case you are keen about your body’s response in every circumstance, you will find that certain occurrences or changes are witnessed during ovulation. Pain or cramping during ovulation is normal and that shouldn’t worry you.

Ovulation, also known as Mittelschmerz, is a period of the month in which an ova “an egg” is released from your ovary and descends to the Fallopian tube where it may or may not be fertilized by the sperm after sexual intercourse.

Statistically, 55% of women experience ovulation pain at least three times in their fertile years, whereas 25% of women experience cramping (ovulation pain) every month. Pain prior or during ovulation is considered normal by fertility experts or doctors, but there are some cases where the pain is considered as an indication of something else. This could be;
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or anything else that requires examination.

One can identify such issues in case your pain is severe, pain that disrupts you from your daily activities, or prolonged pelvic pain.

You must also know that some women experience thigh pain, may feel sick, or a headache during ovulation.

Reasons for Ovulation Pain
Fertility experts associate this pain with the fact that a follicle on the ovary ruptures in order to release the egg and during the process, a fluid is released which may cause some dull pain.

Also, you may experience pain as the egg tries to come out of the follicle. Women are different and so, some will experience pain, while others may not.

Ovulation and Pregnancy
Those with the inability to conceive utilize ovulation test strips to identify their most fertile days in order to get pregnant. Ovulation pain can indeed help a woman know that she is fertile as research shows that this pain mainly occurs on the day when the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) is at its peak.

Luteinizing Hormone is the hormone that the ovulation test strips detect and these can be provided to any woman from our IVF centre in India. Ovulation predictor kits are ideal for those trying to conceive, but should be relied on in all cases.

Other studies where an Ultrasound Technology was used to discover a similarity between this pain and ovulation found that ovulation occurred some days after a woman had experienced this pain.

This means that there are two facts: you can experience this pain during ovulation or prior to ovulation.

Following your fertility days during infertility treatment
You have the major responsibility of ascertaining your ovulation days once your fertility doctor provides you with various guidelines. Blood tests and kits are mainly used to detect the LH and FSH levels in the body after having received infertility treatment in India or anywhere else.

You must understand your body as to whether the pain occurs during ovulation or prior to ovulation in order to attain pregnancy.

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