Natural IVF Cycle

The Natural IVF Cycle

Also known as “Natural Cycle IVF”, it is a procedure where no fertility medications are used, but rather, a woman’s menstrual cycle is followed to collect the egg produced for the IVF procedure. In the natural process of conception, the egg released by the ovary has a 100% chance of being fertilized since it is mature and perhaps the best.

Natural IVF Procedure at Eva Hospital

A number of IVF centres haven’t started providing the natural IVF cycle treatment with the fact that it is a difficult process. The procedure involves monitoring the woman’s body and determining the ovulation period.

The procedure requires a personalized treatment approach, after assessing your body. The natural IVF treatment in India normally begins two weeks prior to your natural IVF cycle. You have to inform your doctor once you begin your period You will then be called for scanning as the doctor may suggest. The egg will be retrieved probably on the 11th day.

Reasons for a natural IVF cycle

There are a variety of reasons as to why you can choose the natural IVF cycle, though after a consultation and an evaluation.

  • No associated risks
    Normally, women undergoing infertility treatments may face a risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHS) because the procedure aims at providing various eggs for the IVF procedure. Other issues are stress, unpredictable results, high expenses among others
  • Viable Egg
    The egg released every month offers 95% of conception due to its viability. It will also facilitate implantation
  • Reduced costs/ Affordable
    The natural IVF cycle treatment is completely affordable and a patient won’t have to pay for ovarian stimulation. Above all, your IVF cost in India will be reduced.
  • Safe
    Since there are hormonal injections provided or medications, the procedure is indeed safe and risk-free.

With excellent care and concern, Eva Hospital provides the best IVF treatment procedures to patients at an affordable rate. Meet us to know your chances of conception.

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