IVF Treatment – Myths And Facts

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IVF Treatment – Myths And Facts

Eva Hospital: IVF treatment is designed for infertile couples in order to treat infertility. But not everyone is aware of the benefits of this treatment. IVF Treatment - Myths And Facts

A Guide TO IVF Treatment – Myths And Facts

Dr. Shivani Bhutani: There are various myths related to IVF, which are totally a misconception. Well, IVF is the infertility treatment which gives you the best results but there are some other treatment options available.

Now let’s have a look at myths and facts related to IVF.

Myth 1-: IVF is the only infertility treatment

There are various Infertility treatments accessible, and IVF is just one of these. These are ovulation induction (OI) with medicines, IntraUterine Insemination (IUI), ICSI, and oral medications.

Myth 2-: This treatment option is designed for rich and famous people

No, not at all, this IVF is designed for every person who wants to enjoy fatherhood and motherhood. But in order to take this test, you need to visit the IVF centre in India. Because only IVF centre has all the tools and techniques in order to treat you.

Myth 3-: IVF offers a 100% successful results

The success rate of IVF is about 40% in those couples who are under 40. Moreover, the success rate of IVF relies on some factors such as the reason behind infertility, health condition, your age, quality of embryos and eggs as well. If you are at your 30s then you will surely get the best results. Moreover, the experience and skills of your surgeon also play an important role in the success of IVF treatment.

Myth 3-: IVF is only for young couples.

No, IVF is designed for each age group but yes the success rates depend on your age. In which more young couples conceive earlier and old are little late with IVF. Because young ladies develop more healthy eggs which are further useful to develop healthy embryos.

Myth 6-: IVF is not safe infertility procedure

This is totally a misconception that IVF is not safe and secure. No, IVF is one of the safest infertility procedures which always give you 100% success results. This is totally safe and secure because your doctor chooses your own eggs for fertilization.

Myth 8-: IVF needs you to stay in the fertility clinic

You do not need to stay in the hospital all the time, but yes , you only need to stay in the hospital while your surgeon is going to collect your eggs and sperm. Otherwise, there is no need to stay in the hospital for a long time.

Myth 9-: Rest is necessary after embryo transfer.

No, there is no need to take rest for a long time after embryo transfer. You need to understand the process of embryo transfer first, in which your surgeon first collects the healthy eggs and sperm cells in order to perform fertilization. After then he performs fertilization outside the body in the clinic lab. Then he will collect the healthy developed embryos so that you cannot face any type of problem in the future. You just take care of yourself and lead a happy life. But you should follow all the instructions which are given by your surgeon.

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