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IVF success rates are very complex to achieve. There are individual factors that can affect the patient’s prospects of the success. The best and amazing way to success is to consult the gynecologist. We are proving the personal attention to each and every patient.

How do you measure IVF success?

  • When we talking about the success rate of the IVF treatment, there is no particular standard for measuring the success. Sometimes, the success rate of the IVF is concerned with the collection of the IVF and the treatment cycle. The success rate measure with this higher than as compared to the success rate of the embryo transfer.
  • We are mostly measuring the success rate in terms of the clinical pregnancies. This does not mean that every IVF requires the embryo transfer, sometimes, no eggs are collected, some cases, eggs are collected but no embryo transfer.
  • Age is the major factor to determine the success rate of the IVF cycle
  • When it needs to compare the success rate, then it is beneficial to measure with the same age.4
  • If it is essential to measure the success rate of the clinic, it is measured according to the how older or younger the clients than the average. The case becomes more critical when it is the measure for the multiple clinics.
  • Most of the clinic transfer more than one embryo with each transfer. When large numbers of the embryos are transferred, then the success rate may be higher. But we are rarely performing the multiple transfers, and then it increases the risk of the multiple births, premature births and low birth weight.
  • We are really proud of our gynecologist team for achieving the higher success rate in IVF treatment. We are getting the name in the whole of the India for providing the best IVF Treatment in India.
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