IUI Treatment

How Intrauterine insemination (IUI) helps you to get pregnant?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is the one form of the assisted conception treatment. This is treatment when your doctor will insert the washed sperm into your womb and this place near the egg at the time of the ovulation. This treatment is sometimes combined with the various fertility drugs and these drugs can also improve the chances of the conception. Best IVF centre is responsible for providing the best IUI treatment in India. The IUI Treatment cost in India is approx 15000 to 20000INR. Because best things always incur a high cost.

Could IUI help me get pregnant?

  • This is the straightforward treatment and also the painless treatment.
  • The treatment for those couples who are not able to have the sex. This is due to the disability, injury and some of the psychosexual problem.
  • If your partner is sexually transmitted the viral infection, then sperm washing will be the good technique to protect you and your child.
  • If you are in the same-sex relationship and wants to take the help of the donated sperm in order to have the baby.
  • If you are suffering from the some of the fertility problems like endometriosis, low sperm count, unexplained infertility, then these types of infertility will be treated with the IUI.
  • This is one form of the natural treatment. The technique has better success rate than the trying to get pregnant naturally.
  • If you are trying for at least two years but your doctor has recommended the IVF treatment and you have the cultural or religious objections to the IVF treatment, and then the IUI is the best alternative.
  • For IUI to work properly, your fallopian tubes must be opened and healthy.
  • If your tubes are damaged then you will not get pregnant after the IUI treatment. You must undergo tubal patency test. This will help you to identify any problem or blockage in your tubes.

How is IUI carried out?

  • This is a simple method and does not involve any kind of the fertility drugs.
  • If it involves the fertility drugs, then the technique is called the stimulated cycle. The reason being, these drugs are helpful to stimulate the ovulation. If no drugs are used, this is known as the unstimulated cycle. This is also known as the natural cycle.
  • In the unstimulated cycle, your doctor will use the ovulation predictor kit. IUI treatment is done on day 12 and day 16.
  • An ultrasound scan will help your doctor about the how many eggs are getting matured. This will help them when the insemination takes place.
  • Sperm is injected within around 36 to 40 hours after the HCG injection. Your husband will provide the sperm sample on the day of the treatment.
  • Then the sperm sample will be washed in order to remove the fluid. The best quality and most mobile sperm are inserted in the womb of the lady.
  • In this procedure, you have to lie down on your back, then your doctor uses the catheter through the cervix, then your doctor will directly insert the sperm into your womb near the fallopian tube. This is the actual passage of the egg travels from the ovary to womb.
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