It Is Good To Get Your Partner’S Sperms Tested Before Starting Journey Of Conception

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It Is Good To Get Your Partner’S Sperms Tested Before Starting Journey Of Conception

It is not always about you if you are in a relationship and trying to conceive, your partner contributes more than half of the genetics. It means the half of the job is done by male sperms so have a healthy conception and baby it is important to take male sperms in the equation. Only healthy male sperms and healthy female body can give a healthy baby so it is important to get your partner’s sperm tested before starting a journey of parenthood.

Many studies have revealed that many men are either having low sperm count or having low-quality sperms so it results in fewer chances of conception. If your partner is having 20 million sperms per ml then can be counted as normal but still, there is a need to work on optimizing the chances of pregnancy.

In the studies of mid 19s man were considered to be having normal fertility if they were having 60 million sperm per ml but in 2010 according to WHO reports this number dropped down to 15 million sperm per ml. now you can imagine getting fertilized with 60 million sperms or now the chances are one fourth with 15 million sperms per ml.

Reports even have revealed that couples with a higher concentration of sperms have more and easier chances of conception but couples having a concentration of 15 or less have lesser chances. If you want to optimize your chances of conception then there is need to get testing of the sperm concentration of your partner and he must have concentration around 50-60 billion sperms per ml.

Let’s talk about numbers of chances for your fertilization, for instance, your partner has 15 billion sperms per ml with 4% morphology means only 4% sperms are normal out of all sperms he releases. In numbers he is having 40,000 sperms that could fertilize the egg in total if he is having 15 billion sperms then 600,000 are capable to penetrate egg to get it to develop in healthy pregnancy. If we calculate the same with the men of 1940s then this number will be 94 times means they were having 56.5 million healthy sperms now it would be easier for you to understand the chances of getting healthy pregnancy for you as compared to old times.

So it becomes important today to know your chances of conception by getting tested your partner’s sperms so that from day one you could start working accordingly means could consult a doctor for optimizing your chances.

Even it is important to understand the reasons for lower sperm concentration like lifestyle choices, diet, alcohol consumption, drugs, exposure to chemicals, illness and many others so that you could work to improve the sperm quality to boost up your chances for getting pregnant.

Hence going for sperm testing of your partner must be the first step when you are planning for pregnancy so that your chances of conception can be optimized and you could have a healthy baby.

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