Is single parenting Possible in India?

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Is single parenting Possible in India?

Parenthood is an essential feeling for every person because it gives real relief. But these days the majority of people are lacking to enjoy this feeling due to increase rate of divorce and single parenting. But single parent faces my problems in order to raise their child such as prey eyes of society, responsibilities, decision-making, and not able to give proper time to a child.

But many people are unable to conceive a child due to the death of the partner or divorce. In this manner, there are various options available in order to conceive a child. These treatments include assisted reproductive procedures such as IVF and IUI.

Treatment Options For Single Women

IVF With Donor Sperm

Many people choose IVF treatment In India which is known as In-Vitro fertilization in order to cure their reproductive disease. In this procedure, your surgeon will collect eggs from the female and they combine these immature eggs with the donor sperm in the clinical lab. After that the surgical implant that fertilized embryos in the woman’s uterus in order to conception.

Steps of IVF with Donor Sperm

– Fertility check

Firstly your surgeon will examine you in order to understand that you are able to conceive or not. After then he will collect eggs from the female reproductive system with the goal to combine it with donor sperm in the clinical lab.

– Sperm donor

After this procedure, your surgeon will check for a sperm donor. Or the may recommend you to convince your any relative with the goal to the donor the sperm. Otherwise, he will use donor or prior collected sperm.

– Implantation

After the combination and fertilization outside the body, your surgeon will implant that embryos in your uterus for conception. This is the successful IVF process to get pregnant.

– IUI with donor sperm

IUI is explained as Intrauterine Insemination, which is the infertility treatment. In this process, the sperm is utilized for fertilization and placed into the lady’s uterus. Prior to implantation, the sperm is washed to ensure the best quality. In this process, your surgeon also uses donor sperm which is prepared in the lab prior to implantation.  Additionally, the IUI process is performed during the female’s natural cycle. In this treatment, your surgeon gives you such type of fertility drugs along with this treatment.

You should first consult your problem with a fertility specialist. If you are unable to conceive with these both procedure, then he may suggest you surrogacy in which a surrogate lady conceive your child on the behalf of you.

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