is Bed Resting after IVF a myth?

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is Bed Resting after IVF a myth?

IVF stands for In-Vitro Fertilization which is basically an infertility treatment. If you are suffering from infertility problems then you must visit the IVF centre once in order to get IVF treatment. This is a totally safe and secure treatment which gives you many benefits such as improve your chances to conceive, treat your reproductive problems, embryo and egg freezing feature for future use.

Many people claim that this treatment requires bed rest and some other type of careful considerations such as healthy nutrition, and so on. Yes, it is true that this treatment needs healthy nutrition so that you cannot face any problem during your pregnancy. But bed resting is not true because excessive bed rest leads to many problems.

Is Bed Resting after IVF necessary for women?

No, bed rest is not necessary after the IVF treatment because God created our body with enough sense of activities such as walking, coughing, and running. In this way, you need to do these activities if you need to conceive a baby normally.

Moreover, people who sex normally lead a happy and stress-free life. Have you ever seen them getting bed rest for long hours?

Some people claim that after the embryo transfer if they walk excessively then the embryo falls out. No, this is an only myth because your embryo is safe in your womb and it never falls out. Majority of doctors recommend you 10-15 minutes walk immediately after embryo transfer.

Excessive bed rest can lead to many problems such as obesity, heart disorders, and decrease your chances to conceive early. In this way, you should avoid extreme bed rest and go for walk daily if you really want to conceive healthily.

Moreover, if you go for extreme bed stress if will divert your mind toward negative thoughts such as do I conceive easily, what if I do not conceive after embryo transfer, and such type of thoughts may worsen your conditions. Doctors also recommend only necessary bed rest but not more than 8 hours sleep or rest.

You should ask all the things prior to the treatment so that you cannot face problem in future. He will guide you about the post and pre-care instructions after the embryo transfer or implantation.

Please don’t make your condition worsen for getting extreme bed rest if you recently get the treatment of In-vitro fertilization. Since this is an only myth which will lead you to other health conditions.

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