Increase Your Sperm Count With Half An Hour Exercise Thrice A Week

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Increase Your Sperm Count With Half An Hour Exercise Thrice A Week

Male Infertility is becoming common and it is increasing at a very fast rate. The problem decreases the sperm count and motility of the sperm. There are many studies which have shown that the problem of infertility can be controlled if you exercise for half an hour at least three times a week. The patients should also consult the doctor for infertility treatment. He will recommend you what you can do to make the necessary changes in your daily routine or he will recommend you some medications to treat the problem.

According to research from Harvard, it has been proved that men who exercise for 7 hours or more in a week had their sperm count at a higher rate. The sperm count was 48% higher than in men those who exercise regularly as compared to those who don’t exercise daily. So, doing exercise on daily basis will not only give you muscular arms, strength, and abs but it will also help men to boost their fertility rate.  

Different studies have also shown that men who did exercise outside for more than half an hour in a week had increased their chances of sperm count up to 42%. Men who lifted weights for more than 2 hours a week had increased their sperm count up to 25%. The sperm count was very low for those men who don’t do physical activity daily as compared to those who were more involved in regular exercise.

Weightlifting and outdoor activities have been very helpful in increasing male infertility. Men who are more involved in outdoor activities has increased level of Vitamin D which helps the sperm to swim better and faster. On the other hand, increased testosterone level can be increased by doing weightlifting which can help in higher sperm production.

Healthy sperm count is important because during an ejaculation (discharge of semen from the body) a number of sperms are released but only some of them are fertilized to form a healthy egg. If the sperm is healthy then it will boost the sperm count also.

What you should avoid?

There has been one negative thing that has been found of doing exercise and which affects male infertility. There is one exercise in particular that lead negative impact on the sperm count which is cycling. A study has shown that men who are more involved in cycling for more than one hour in a week had 34% lower sperm count as compared to men who don’t do ride a bicycle. This might happen due to the pressure that the bike seat puts on the scrotum.

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