ICSI treatment

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection – The best fertility treatment

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is also the part of the IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment and helps your partner to conceive the child. ICSI is the most successful treatment for the men who are infertile. ICSI only require the one sperm that is directly injected into the egg. Then the fertilized embryo is transferred to the womb. You must consult that IVF centre that has gained publicity as the best IVF centre in India and provide the latest ICSI treatment in India. Moreover, the ICSI treatment cost in India is far less than as compared to other countries.

Could ICSI help us to conceive?

During male infertility issues, your sperm doesn’t travel to the egg. This technique is successful in those cases in the following cases:

  • When the man’s sperm can never get to the egg at all.
  • When the sperm gets the egg but due to some of the reasons, eggs cannot get fertile.
  • When there is low sperm count.
  • When there is the high percentage of the slow sperm or abnormal sperm.
  • When the sperm is not the fresh sample but it has been collected from the duct where it was stored earlier.
  • If your partner indulges in the irreversible vasectomy injury.
  • When your partner is feeling difficulty in the erection or ejaculating.
  • If there is the need to use the frozen sperm that is of not good quality.
  • When there is need to test the embryo in order to avoid the genetic abnormality.

How the ICSI procedure is performed?

This is performed with the standard IVF treatment.

  • Fertility drugs: Fertility drugs are given in order to develop the multiple mature eggs for the fertilization.
  • Use of the ultrasound: your doctor will use the ultrasound and also conduct the several blood tests for checking the stage of your treatment.
  • Produce the sperm sample: Then your partner will ask to produce the sperm sample. This sperm sample can be ejaculating into the cup on the same day when the eggs were collected. If there is no sperm in your semen, then the doctor will use the fine needle in order to take the sperm from testicles.
  • Give the local anesthesia: This procedure is implemented under the local anaesthesia and your partner doesn’t feel any type of the pain.
  • TESE technique: If the above-mentioned techniques are failed, then your doctors will perform the biopsy of the testicular tissues. Sometimes, the sperm is also attached to it. This technique is common as testicular sperm extraction. This is the surgery that is carried out under the microscope.
  • Egg retrieval: The doctor will use the fine hollow needle in order to remove the eggs. This procedure is attached to the ultrasound probe.
  • Lab work: an embryologist is responsible for isolating the sperm in the lab. These sperms are injected into the individual eggs. Then these fertilized eggs are transformed into the embryos. Embryos stay in the lab for six days.
  • Transfer the embryo: most of the embryos are transferred into the womb for the first two or three days. This can also perform in the Blastocyst stage.

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