How to prepare mentally and Physically for IVF

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How to prepare mentally and Physically for IVF

As you begin your IVF journey, you are both thrilled and anxious at the same time.

It is a journey that enables you to paternity, giving you a full life with the whole family.

Stay positive, as you are about to start a new chapter in your life with a positive flow of energy.

The best way to deal with anxiety is to prepare yourself mentally and physically.

When we are ready and complete our research process, any provocations that come our way can be resolved. 

When the mind is fully prepared and the body too, that changes everything in your favor. Let’s see how

Prepare Physically before IVF

This includes alterations in the way of living like: yoga, exercise, diet.

Dietary changes

You should start with some lifestyle changes, whenever you begin planning and preparing for IVF.

It is a smart thing to incorporate these changes quickly as it increases fertility in both men and women in many ways.

First of all, avoid smoking, alcohol, drugs, and caffeine as these all have an impact on fertility.

Nicotine ages the ovaries and makes eggs resistant to Fertilization in women and also affects sperm mobility in men.

Especially in males, some medications, energy drugs, and steroids also influence productivity.

Thus, stop the usage of these things 2-3 months before starting the treatment.

Other dietary changes aim to enhance body mass index or BMI. A number less than 35 is favorable.

For fertility, the ideal range is 18–25. To calculate BMI, weight in kilograms is divided by the height in square meters.

In addition, include folic acid vitamins, nuts, and cod liver oil to get positive effects on physical health and reproductive organs.

Restorative Yoga for fertility 

Yoga is curative as it has many health benefits, but most importantly, it is helpful to increase fertility. It energizes the ovaries, cleanses the base or cycle, and removes toxins.

Moreover, it helps relieve mood swings, makes the body more flexible, and enhances the supply of blood in the reproductive organs, leading to an easy delivery.

Yoga assists in two ways: Asanas for postures and Pranayama for breathing. 

To improve flexibility, blood flow, and release of hormones for a healthy and reproductive body postures like  Viparita Karani asana and  Baddha Konasana are beneficial among others.

On the other hand,  Anulom viloma and Bhramri are techniques for breathing that facilitate the cleansing of blood and calm the mind and body.

Prepare Mentally before IVF

For mental preparation, it is important to have the right knowledge and frame of mind.

Stress management

Everyone experiences stress in different ways such as balancing a social life with your home and job.

High ambitions and a tornado lifestyle are causing fertility issues among people. Plan and organize your timetable as well as eliminate any of the hindrances that come along the way.

Focus on yourself and try to do activities that give you happiness. Keep up the good doings and enjoy your own space. 

Moreover, building a support system. Certainly, your partner is there for you but search for your friends and relatives with whom you feel comfortable and can freely share your emotions.

As when you feel low, or under a dilemma of emotions, it is essential to have a person to talk to.

In addition to this, do not think about the things that will not be going to happen in the near future.

It is good to share, but do not pay attention to negative feeds that are irrelevant. The IVF specialist at Eva looks forward to hearing and solve any questions you have. 

Empower yourself through knowledge

First of all, understand the meaning and whole procedure of IVF.

When there is a lack of knowledge about something, the person becomes unnecessarily confused and anxious.

Thus as a couple, conduct research and study the whole concept.  Although you can search on the internet yet, do not follow that completely.

Write down the questions or doubts you have and ask them to your doctor while consultation. IVF Specialist Dr. Shivani Bhutani states that proper knowledge about the procedure assures patients to be calm and positive.

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