How to keep cholesterol in balance for getting pregnant?

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How to keep cholesterol in balance for getting pregnant?

Cholesterol is the forefather of many hormones, like estrogen and testosterone; both of them are equally important parts of growth for both men and women, like. Hormones have a huge role to play in reproduction, flourishing of eggs along with sperm and also in preparing the womb for the embryo.

Cholesterol, when combined with proteins in blood too, makes high-density lipoprotein with a low-density lipoprotein atom. LDL gives cholesterol to the flesh, despite it being called the bad cholesterol; LDL always helps in building muscle. The good cholesterol, on the other hand, gives cholesterol to adrenals along with ovaries for hormone production and also takes extra cholesterol for managing and disposing into the liver.

Our body gets cholesterol through having meat, chicken, eggs, or any animal food; otherwise, the liver also makes a good amount of the same.

Having high cholesterol leads to various serious ailments, but then there are ways in which healthy levels can be made. The most important thing is to have a nourishing diet. The level of saturated fats should be decreased and fibre content in food should amount to more. Having fish oil, drinking green tea along with having nuts is also a good option.

Having alcohol once a while is a good idea, of bringing the levels up. But, it should be had in moderation. Just a glass for women and two-three glasses for men should be fine.

Bad cholesterol has an effect on good cholesterol, as well. Hence doctors advice patients for exercising. Aerobic exercise is also recommended, by many, walking, running, cycling, swimming, should be part of your routine.

Too much of cholesterol leads to heart attack or stroke, the low amount will cause hormones to function improperly, due to hormonal imbalance and low interest in sex. The fat one is essential for some bodies’ fundamental function. Cholesterol helps in making cells, work towards aiding on blood vessels, protecting nerves and most importantly helping to produce Vitamin d, essential hormones, for fertility.

Whether cholesterol is good/bad for infertility hasn’t been proved as yet. But, there is proof that some drugs which are used for getting cholesterol down can cause some or the other kind of damage in embryo development. Pregnancy in women will be easier if they take care of their health and maintain a good amount of cholesterol.

In case you are taking medications for cholesterol and wish to conceive, then you must at the earliest stop having those medicines, at least 5 -6 months before conceiving.

It is also important to speak with your doctor, regarding any issues you may be facing. So that they can help you in conceiving. A healthy lifestyle will help you conceive, along with help in your emotional state of mind.

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