How to conceive through IVF?

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How to conceive through IVF?

Pregnancy isn’t it a very happy moment in all our lives. Women, all across the globe just go nuts (in a happy way, of course) just thinking of getting pregnant and having a child, whom you love the most. But, nature has created every being in a different way, so for this also, he left some women, who cannot conceive. Sad! Isn’t it! But, in this day and age, with so many things to stress, the countless number of tensions, besides that, physically also, being overweight, underweight, having one or the other kind of ailments, many women can’t go through this privilege. But, then medical science has advanced so much so that even this problem can be overcome (like many others).

Not being able to conceive can be draining, not just emotionally but mentally, as well, But, besides that, it can be all the more stressful, when your doctor, asks you to go through some fertility treatments if you want to have a baby. Then your doctor can suggest you go through fertility treatments or IVF.

What is the IVF procedure?

Mostly, the process takes 6 weeks (around 42 days), starting from the time that medicines for IVF start, till the embryo is shifted to the uterus (Also called womb, in layman’s language).

During the treatment, an egg along with sperm is merged together, for an embryo to develop, which is then relocated to women’s womb (uterus). From then onwards, the procedure of pregnancy remains the same, which means post nine months your angel face will be with you.

An IVF mostly takes 42 days since the time the medicines are started till the embryo to move in the womb. It is suggested that the lady follows an IVF plan for the month, up till IVF. This help to keep stress at bay, which automatically will have a good impact on the treatment.

What to do for the treatment?
What to do for the treatment?

Some little changes adopted at the time of treatment will be of great help, because, the anxiousness of not being able to conceive, in the first place and later on conceiving through IVF, along with the costs, is more than enough to make anyone nervous. It involves going through a lot of changes, not just medically but bringing about a few lifestyle changes also helps (which we women, especially Indian women are quite used to, aren’t we!, well, yes we are, ok -ok, I know, we can talk about it later, but a thought popped up in y head and thought of sharing it with all of you). So, basically, the changes are for lady’s good, only, so that she can well prepare in advance for the treatment and procedure.

Have a healthy diet and be regular with exercise…

The cycle of the egg is 90 days so ensuring that your diet is particularly healthy about 2 months before your IVF appointment?

The egg cycle continues for 90 days period, it takes so much time to be sure that the diet that the lady takes is nothing but a healthy one for the 2 months so that the doctors give a thumbs up and nothing goes wrong.

As I said, in the beginning, obesity and overweight problems lower the success rate of IVF, so first things first, try getting hold of the weight issue, your weight loss program should be planned at least a year in advance, of your IVF, so that they both don’t interfere.

I have many of my friends gone through this, what they told me, astonished me to the core, their doctors warned them against tea or coffee, coffee is, we all know not good, but they were asked not even one of tea. Surprising isn’t it.

Besides eating healthy, the lady must make sure to ‘think healthy’, practice mindfulness, visualize conceiving, having a healthy baby, practice mindfulness, basically do what your heart urges you to do…

Until we meet next, with ‘your bundle of joy’ in your arms and talking about the little one, take care of yourself.


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