How can Men Increase their Sperm Motility and Morphology?

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How can Men Increase their Sperm Motility and Morphology?

Fertility in males depends largely on their sperm morphology and motility.

Issues related to women are probably a bit more complex and take longer to be correct.

By making some changes in diet and lifestyle, problems related to male fertility have been resolved within three to four months.

Around the time you are trying for a child, the male partner should adopt healthy habits in food intake and lifestyle.

If the woman has a normal and regular menstrual cycle and orgasm is appropriate, there is a possibility that morphology or mobility is not normal.

What is sperm morphology?

Sperm morphology is the study of the size of sperm present in the semen as seen under a microscope. It is analyzed as a percentage or ‘range’ of fully-sized cells.

The semen is examined in the laboratory and the sperm count with normal size (head and tail).

A percentage of 14 percent or more morphology is considered normal, 5–10 percent is considered low fertility, and below 5.

This is important because size affects the ability to swim and penetrate.

What is sperm motility?

The motility of sperm is the speed of the cell, its ability to move.

Male reproductive cells need to swim efficiently inside the female’s reproductive tract to reach the egg.

A measure of 25 micrometers is considered normal.

A man’s overall sperm motility is considered low when he has a good ability to move less than 32 percent of the sample.

Impact of morphology and motility on fertility

Abnormal sperm morphology and poor motility are the main causes of male infertility.

It is about the biology of a man which makes him unable to conceive a woman.

It is quite clear that swimmers have a basic need for motivation to reach the egg to fertilize it wherever it is.

Penetration is the next stage of reaching the egg cell. Morphology affects fertility because the sperm must be of a certain size to be able to penetrate the egg.

The head part must be strong to break the outer wall of the egg to enter it.

The normal shape of sperm is an oval head and a long tail. Others have a crooked head or short or double tail. In a healthy man’s semen sample, most cells do not have a regular “normal” shape.

In fact, this does not mean that he is infertile. It is only when the percentage of such crooked cells is large, that it affects fertility.

If a couple has an abnormal semen analysis, they may seek the help of assisted reproductive techniques (ART).

The small-headed morphology finds a solution in IVF or in vitro fertilization, where spermatozoa are injected directly into the eggs.

Can sperm morphology and motility be improved?

Yes. Most of the factors that cause male fertility are remediable, and therefore sperm morphology and motility.

Research has shown that lifestyle, environment, and foods put an impact on it.

Improper conditions impair morphology and mobility, and correcting conditions can also reverse the process.

Some of the factors that affect sperm size and speed are:

Alcohol and Tobacco Use

The drugs


Exposure to radiation or chemicals




The good news is that the body constantly produces sperm, all the time.

Therefore, changing the above factors will improve the quality of new ones.

Changes you should adopt

Limit consumption of alcohol and tobacco

Do this occasionally, in small amounts, or perhaps stop it altogether.

If you already know that your fertility is being compromised, then stay away from smoking, drugs and limit your hard drinks while trying to get pregnant.

Include vitamins and antioxidants in your diet

Studies have shown that vitamin C and E, lycopene, and coenzyme improve sperm morphology. Have more vegetables and salads instead of processed foods.

Stay away from radiation

Mobile phones or mobile towers close to your residential area and radiology laboratories expose you to harmful radiation.

Staying away will improve the morphology of the new sperm.

Stop the sauna and hot tub

The temperature of your pelvis affects your swimmers. Keep it cool.

Even the type of underwear is important. Wear comfortable and narrow clothes.

Maintain a healthy weight

She does those extra kilos, exercises, or jogs regularly, and maintains an active lifestyle.

You shape each cell in your body in the best shape. The more fit and healthy you are, the more fertile you are.

Avoid Stress 

Stress is bad for morphology. Meditate, do yoga and avoid stressful situations and people.

Spend quality time with your partner, and good luck.

More to Learn

Motility and morphology are only small parts of the big picture. Talk with a fertility specialist about your semen analysis.

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