How Can A Surrogacy Turn Out To Be A Beautiful Gift?

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How Can A Surrogacy Turn Out To Be A Beautiful Gift?

Surrogacy is chosen when the intended couple (having married for long) cannot have kids on their own. It is then that they choose surrogacy. The person who gets ready for surrogacy gifts the intended couple the most precious gift they could ever ask for.

Lets first see who a surrogate mother is. A surrogate mother is of two kinds:

  • Traditional Surrogacy

Traditional Surrogacy is one who gets artificially inseminated with the aid of father’s sperm. After which she carries the child and delivers it for the couple.

  • Gestational Surrogacy

This is a method called IVF, through which the eggs from mother are put together, they are kept to implant with fathers semen and the embryo planted in the uterus of the gestational surrogate.

Every journey is different from the other. Here are some pointers for a surrogate mother :

  • Look After Yourself

It is very important that you yourself take care of yourself, during the surrogacy process. Eat nourishing foods, take a good amount of rest.

  • Stay Connected With Your Doctor Or Adviser

It is very important for you to ask questions or ask for advice with your doctor. It is the duty of your doctor to keep you informed with all the knowledge, information an everything that you wish to know. If you are facing any issues during your journey let them know, it would be good if you confide in anyone and do not let negativity bother you at any time.

  • Make A Beautiful Album Of Your Journey

Many parents ( would be) like to keep an album or baby book for preserving al the child’s stories. Take plenty of pictures of yourself, because you too are a part of it. Make a nice album. You can write small notes, maybe letters to the newborn child, anything can be done to preserve your moments.

  • Make The Parents Also A Part

the would-be parents are also keen on knowing about your health, about your well being, and they should, because it is the full right to feel that way. You should keep updating them about the latest updates, in case you are feeling happy or not so happy, about your meeting with doctor, whatever makes you comfortable. You may sometimes ask them to come to your doctor so that even they get to know, what happens during conception.

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