GIFT : Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer

Following the various innovative practices in the ART sphere, GIFT is another treatment procedure that opens a door to motherhood and parenting. This highly considerable treatment procedure requires the retrieval of a woman’s eggs from the ovaries, mixing them with the sperms and immediately transferring the mixture into the Fallopian tubes for fertilization.

Unlike other ART practices, GIFT facilitates inside fertilization rather than laboratory fertilization.


  1. sperms and eggs are placed directly inside the fallopian tubes as opposed to IVF- in which sperms and eggs are made to meet in lab.
  2. Among all the prevailing ART procedures, this system accounts to simply one hundred and twenty fifth.

GIFT Candidates

Possessing normal or functioning Fallopian tubes is the vital or a supreme factor for GIFT treatment. Patient should have at least one open fallopian tube. Apart from that, couples in the below categories can opt for GIFT treatment;

Note: ICSI is preferred along with GIFT if male partner has very low sperm counts.

The GIFT Procedure

The initial steps of GIFT are very close to IVF procedure.

  1. PRE-EXAMINATION OF THE CONCEIVING surroundings IN WOMEN’S BODY: After showing interest in GIFT treatment, the fertility expert will examine you and an X-ray will be taken to determine the health status of your Fallopian tubes. In other cases, there must at least be one healthy Fallopian tube for the procedure to be conducted. A laparoscopy will be performed to check the Fallopian tubes or determine the presence of scar tissue on the outside wall.
  2. CHECKING OF MAN’S SPERMS: Adjoining process of man sperm count is checked to determine if proper health sperms are there to carry forward the fertilization process.
  3. OVULATION AND EGG RETRIEVAL: Medications are given to female counterpart so that multiple mature eggs can be formed. The follicles are monitored every two days so that proper formation of eggs can be well monitored. After having fertility drugs or natural ovulation, the well formed timely eggs will be retrieved through a laparoscopic surgery by extracting the eggs from the follicles and your male partner will provide sperms on the same day in case donor sperms aren’t necessary. Normally 8 – 16 eggs are retrieved at this time.


  1. FERTILIZATION PROCESS: This process is carried out by Embryologist. After mixing the eggs and the sperms, they will be transferred back into the woman’s body via her vagina with the help of a catheter.
  2. SURGICAL PROCESS TO TRANSFER THE EGGS AND SPERMS: Through laparoscopy and making a small incision on stomach, the eggs and sperm mixture from the catheter is transferred into one of the fallopian tube.
  3. SUCCESSFUL IMPLANTATION SIGNAL IS SIGNALED WITH EMBRYO FORMATION: if after transferring the mixture of eggs and sperms, an embryo is formed after few days, then if implantation is successful then pregnancy rates increases. The woman is additionally placed on medications that facilitate to make the female internal reproductive organ lining to facilitate implantation throughout this era.
  4. TAKE A PREGNANCY TEST: Pregnancy test can be done two weeks after surgery.

Advantages of GIFT Treatment

  • The GIFT procedure provides a belief of natural conception with the fact that fertilization takes place inside the body of a woman than in the laboratory dish.
  • It is much more affordable than IVF and with that, a couple can easily foot the GIFT treatment cost in India than other ART treatments.
  • It is a convenient procedure since it requires no hospitalization or extensive fertility workout.
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