Frozen Embryo Transfer

Frozen Embryo Transfer & Fertility Procedures

Frozen Embryo Transfer is another breakthrough technique in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology that has increased the success rate of the treatments. At Eva Hospital, Frozen Embryo Transfer is safely conducted to facilitate implantation and as well render the pregnancy risk free.

Frozen Embryo Transfer Procedure

Typically, Frozen Embryo Transfer is an advanced practice where frozen embryos from a past IVF cycle or donor embryos are thawed and later on transferred into a woman’s uterus for conception.

In ART, the viability of the frozen embryos remains uncompromised at Eva Hospital regardless of the period taken before utilizing them. Any woman can choose to have her embryos preserved as long as she obtains her infertility treatment from an advanced IVF centre.

Once the woman is ready to carry her pregnancy, the formerly cryopreserved embryos are thawed and then introduced into her uterus via her vagina for implantation.

Meanwhile, studies show that embryos left to develop in the laboratory for a day or two prior to cryopreservation have higher chances of surviving the thawing process as compared to the embryos directly frozen after fertilization.

Success Rate of Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

There are no variations between freshly transferred embryos and those initially frozen as long as performed under the standard protocols. Factors that may influence the success rate are;

  • Age
  • Uterine lining (Time)
  • Overall health at the time of transfer
  • Expertise

Women aged 34 and below have a success rate of 70% to attain conception after Frozen Embryo Transfer.

Advantages of Frozen Embryo Transfer

The practice of Frozen Embryo Transfer in India has provided various chances of combating the would-be infertility cases in couples. The procedure facilitates the preservation of embryos after an IVF treatment cycle that would be utilized in the future.

It provides a gap for planning after a successful IVF treatment.

What’s the Cost?

The number of embryos to be transferred highly influences the Frozen Embryo Transfer Cost in India, but the fee ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 55,000.

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