Frozen Embryo Transfer And Its Impact on Pregnancy

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Frozen Embryo Transfer And Its Impact on Pregnancy

We all are well acquainted with the fact that IVF has emerged as the ray of hope for the infertile couples. There are treatments other than IVF treatment which have emerged on the scene. One of them is Frozen embryo transfer implantation. It is an improvement on the IVF process and more reasonable too. According to Dr Shivani Bhutani – Leading Gynae in Ludhiana, FET is modern technology which is quite beneficial to infertile couples.

An introduction to Frozen Embryo Transfer

An embryo created during IVF but not implanted is frozen for future use. Whenever such an egg is retrieved and used for pregnancy, it is called FET or a frozen embryo transfer. It benefits the patients in the manner that they don’t require to undergo a repeat IVF cycle.

Embryo Freezing –why is it required?

We all know that multiple embryos are formed when a single cycle of IVF is conducted. Only one or two best quality embryos are selected for implantation. The rest are frozen for future use. It can be utilized in the cycle fails or if the patient wishes to get pregnant in the future.

Benefits of Frozen Embryo Transfer

The facility offers a multitude of benefits –

  • Family planning at a later stage

The modern life has its own share of demands and commitments. She has to find the right balance between her personal professional goals and family. With more and more women postponing the age of becoming a mother, FET can be used for women who choose for late motherhood. With FET, even a woman in her 50s can become a mother.

  • Genetic Issues

If you are one of those patients who  had to abort a pregnancy due to genetic defects in the fetus, you will understand this point. With FET, you can ensure that the embryo being implanted is genetically superior and is free of any genetic disease.

  • No risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

This condition is observed in women who have high levels of estrogen. They tend to produce more follicles. Such a woman might get pregnant with multiple embryos. She can have these embryos frozen for later use when her hormonal balance is restored.

  • The Pregnancy Risks with high Progesterone Levels

The progesterone levels in a woman directly influence the chances of her becoming pregnant. Due to the high levels of progesterone, the lining of the uterus is not favorable for the implantation of the embryo. The lady can avoid pregnancy loss by getting her embryos frozen.

  • An easy process

As compared to IVF, this process offers a lot of ease and convenience.

Women favor the procedure when they come to know about the details. FET is entirely surgery free. Even the obtaining of eggs doesn’t require any invasive process. There is no chance of pain and no requirement for anesthesia. It thus offers a lot of convenience to the patient.

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