Foods To Increase Sperm Count To Cure Infertility

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Foods To Increase Sperm Count To Cure Infertility

The modern lifestyle and sedentary activities have taken a toll on our health. Much of it can be felt in the later years when we are caught up in the clutches of diseases which were unheard of before. But some impact can be seen in the younger, supposed- to be- fertile generation who are yet to become parents. The statistics reveal that infertility among the younger people has risen over the last few decades. Presence of toxins in our environment and diet, poor eating habits and lack of exercise have wreaked havoc on our bodies.

The facts come to light when seemingly perfectly healthy couples fail to get the joy of becoming biological parents. While female infertility may take a larger chunk for the failure to do so, the figures of male infertility are also not too low. Modern science has devised new methods for such couples.IUI and IVF are among them. But they are the last resort when it comes to getting treated for infertility. Some cases might benefit from switching to healthier habits and taking care of what we eat. So before you opt for any kind of infertility treatment, take a look at what you are eating. The factors of infertility might be coming from a poor diet. So how do we make sure that we are getting it alright? Have a look at the space below –

1. Get The Sneakers On

You got it right, we mean it’s time to get active if you think life is only about working nonstop and remaining glued to your seat. Set aside time for the exercise of minimum 30 minutes daily.

2. Snack on Walnuts

Walnuts make a crunchy snack as well as a health supplement. What you don’t know is that they encourage good blood flow to the genitals resulting in better chances of impregnating your partner.

3. Grab Some Ginseng

This herb is known for its positive influence on the testosterone levels and promotion of blood flow to the genital area. So brew it in the tea or have it raw for a better sperm count.

4. Ample Volume With Asparagus

Ample volume with perfect motility will result if you include asparagus in your diet. Its rich vitamin c content and abundant antioxidants will soon set your sperm volume richer.

5. Raise The Bar with Broccoli

Broccoli has long been known to be a healthy vegetable for your heart. But it is a lesser known fact that the high vitamin A content will soon have your sperms swimming in action.

6. Have Bananas for Vitamin B1

Ample amounts of vitamin A, B1 and C make it a hot favorite for improving your libido and regulating your sex hormones. So you have got a two-in-one miracle with this one.

7. Garlic will Do Good

Have one or two cloves of raw garlic. It will take care of the sperm’s motility and prevention from damage. Rich allicin and selenium content is ideal for protecting the sperm from damage and improving its motility respectively

8. Time For Some Dark Sins

Of course, the act itself is a pleasurable activity but prior to it, you can engage in a regular indulgence of dark chocolate. Having two squares a day will have double your sperm and semen volume and grant protection to antioxidants.

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