Fertility After Age 40 – IVF in the 40s

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Fertility After Age 40 – IVF in the 40s

Generally, couples delay childbirth for numerous reasons and at the age of 40 years, they might think it is too late to get pregnant or go for IVF treatment

Fortunately, in this process, there is no age limit. Due to this, women around the world are planning their children at the age of forty.

With Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) it is possible to control egg quality, freeze your best quality eggs as well as use donor eggs.

In this article, we will try to provide answers to the questions like

What is the probability of getting pregnant at the age of 40 or above?

When is it too late to conceive with In-vitro Fertilization?

Possibility of getting pregnant at the age of 40

By natural means, a woman under the age of 30 has a 20% chance of conceiving every month, while it is 5% for each menstrual cycle in women under 40.

But IVF can change this scenario. This is because the number of eggs declines over time.

Since the chances of getting pregnant naturally are less for those over 40, thus with assisted reproductive techniques such as in-vitro fertilization you can significantly increase your chances.

This increases the difficulty from 5% to 20% depending on the level of fertility, certain conditions, and medical history.

Treatment of IVF for women over 40 

In addition to the quantity, the quality of the eggs also declines at the age of 40 and later. The quality of the embryo is highly affected by the egg quality.

With the help of IVF, our goal is to get more embryos to select the best one and implant that into the womb.

Another criterion that is affected with increasing age is the chromosomal status of the egg cells. Nearly one-third eggs of women over the age of 40 have in Women over the age of 40 have chromosomal abnormalities.

This percentage increases with age. ART provides the benefit of genetic screening and rejection of eggs for chromosomal disorders.

This acts as a hope for those women who want to become mothers but are afraid of genetic abnormalities and abortion.

Furthermore, in-vitro-fertilization gives you the option to become pregnant with one’s own oocytes instead of the donor egg.

IVF uses new techniques that use low and controlled use of follicle-stimulating hormones to achieve better egg quality from the ovaries.

This is also called mini-IVF and is quite successful for women over 40 who do not want to use donated eggs.

Of course, with donor eggs, only the ones with good quality are used for fertility purposes and implantation.

Getting Pregnant after 40

Regardless of age, women should plan their pregnancy in advance with their doctors.

There are some diseases that are harmful to the reproductive system and can also cause problems with fertility or genetic abnormalities in the future baby.

In this scenario, you can freeze your eggs, embryos, or both, and protect them for later pregnancy through IVF.

You can try a number of things such as taking prenatal vitamins, exercising regularly and adopting healthy eating habits, staying away from alcohol, smoking, and caffeine.

According to Dr. Shivani Bhutani, a leading infertility specialist, Ludhiana, “There may be a risk of genetic abnormalities in the child.”

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At what age is it too late for IVF?

IVF process includes the whole process of ovulation, chromosomal screening, fertilization, and embryo transfer.

However, the woman has to carry the baby for the next nine months, and for this, it is necessary that she is sufficiently healthy.

Different countries have different laws. It is a common decision by physicians as well as governments that reproductive technologies ART should not be used for women over the age of 50.

However, there are many cases and even an example of a woman who gave birth at the age of 66 through in vitro fertilization. Yet, most clinics accept cases up to the age of 50.


Recent developments, as well as advances in the IVF method, have made it possible for more women in their 40s to become mothers.

Increasing numbers of females are freezing their eggs at their most fertile age (under 35). These eggs give them the opportunity to produce their own genetic offspring with in vitro fertilization without using egg donors.

The best IVF doctor in Ludhiana Dr. Shivani said, “ If necessary, fertility clinics can help you to get in touch with those who donate eggs or sperm.” Our specialist doctors have shown an excellent success rate of almost 100% for IVF.

The chances of a successful full-term pregnancy for women over 40 may be different from those for women under 35, but we have had excellent results.

It all depends on your medical history, and discuss your options with us. Contact us now.

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