Female Infertility


It’s quite devastating walking into a fertility centre, only to be diagnosed with infertility. The standard definition of infertility is being unable to conceive naturally after a period of 1 year of unprotected sex. 20% of women find themselves in a dilemma when they are unable to conceive, yet very young in age.

What could be the problem?

Age acts as the supreme measurement of fertility much as even young ladies age between 20 to 25 do suffer from infertility. Apart from having unexplained infertility, which is at times blamed on genes, a woman may suffer from infertility due to the following;

The Fallopian tubes are a crucial part of the female reproductive system that facilitates pregnancy. The damage to the Fallopian tubes can occur due to a variety of factors;

  • Infection

Sexually transmitted diseases are a major cause of infections in the Fallopian tubes. These infections can also be caused by bacteria or viruses and they cause inflammation resulting in damage and scarring of these thin tubes.

Hydrosalpinx is the commonest tubal condition in this category. It is where the Fallopian tube is occluded at both ends and there is a fluid collection in the tube. This prevents the egg from travelling.

  • Previous Surgeries

Pelvic or abdominal surgeries can result in adhesions and these alter the Fallopian tubes hence preventing the passage of the egg.

  • Abdominal diseases

Appendicitis and colitis are the commonest forms of abdominal diseases that cause inflammation of the abdominal cavity. These diseases can cause blockage and scarring in the Fallopian tubes.

  • Ectopic Pregnancy

This is the form of pregnancy that occurs in the Fallopian tubes rather than in the uterus. These pregnancies require immediate treatment and much as one can survive them, they can cause damage to the Fallopian tubes.

  • Congenital defects

In case a woman was born with tubal abnormalities.

At least 31% of infertile women have defects with their Fallopian Tubes.

  • 2. Ovulation Disorders

You may not understand how important ovulation is, to a woman, but this is intended for providing you with vital information about ovulation and fertility.

Ovulation must occur every month and it is the process where a woman’s ovary releases an egg that can be fertilized. In case this egg isn’t fertilized, it will be shed along with the uterus lining which is described as menstruation.

Cases, where a woman is unable to release an egg, are termed as anovulation.

At least 19% of women seeking female infertility treatment in India have ovulation disorders and the causes are;

  • Hormonal imbalances

Hormones almost control every body function, and most women with anovulation have either increased male hormones in the body or decreased/low female hormones to trigger ovulation.

  • Premature Menopause

This is a rare, but possible cause of anovulation. It may at times be related to genetics, but the major causes are mostly unexplainable.
Premature menopause is a situation where the ovaries stop supplying eggs. Being low weight and intensive exercises can trigger premature menopause.

  • Scarred Ovaries

Scarring can be caused by multiple surgeries or infections. These surgeries could indirectly damage the ovaries leading to scarring.

  • Follicle Issues

A woman may produce a normal follicle with an egg inside it, but the follicle may fail to rupture leading to ovulation issues.

  • 3. Endometrium

The uterine lining is described as the endometrium and abnormalities in the shape may cause infertility.

Fibroids or polyps are the major problems in the endometrium that may be observed through heavy menstrual bleeding, painful menstrual periods that don’t get better with painkillers, pelvic pain, and the enlargement of the uterus.

Female Infertility Treatment

A proper diagnosis and an effective treatment depending on the underlying infertility problem can help a woman to conceive. Modern technologies like ART, performed in IVF centres facilitate pregnancy either with or without fertility drugs. The Female Infertility Treatment Cost in India varies from one couple to another, depending on the cause and type of infertility.

This is mostly observed when IVF treatment (In Vitro Fertilization) is the selected treatment.

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