Facts Related To Smoking Weed and its Impact on Sperms

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Facts Related To Smoking Weed and its Impact on Sperms

Smoking weed might be a fashion but it is indeed a harmful thing for your body.

But today’s post is related to the connection between low sperm count and smoking weed. Is it true that smoking weed leads to a decrease in sperm count? Let’s go into the details and know the reality. Scientists are conducting research on this topic and we would like to unfold what has been discovered. If you are suffering from low sperm count, you can avail treatment for it at ivf center. Low sperm treatment is carried out across many centers. Various infertility centers offer infertility treatment.

  1. It can lead to both low and high sperm count

While it is expected to discover that smoking marijuana leads to low sperm count, the blame can’t be laid on squarely on the drug. Frankly speaking, drug users are otherwise careless about their health and lifestyle. Irregular routine, alcoholism, over the use of tobacco and caffeine are common among them. These factors also contribute to lowering the sperm count. Out of 1215 Danish men, marijuana smokers were found to have a 28 % lower sperm count than men who didn’t.

A study published in 2019 stated that almost half of the subjects who had smoked marijuana at some point of their lives had a higher sperm count than who never did it. So the conclusion of the two reports is indeed contradictory.

  1. THC may be the culprit

THC is the active ingredient of marijuana. It is the substance responsible for giving you a high. But what they do to the sperm is entirely surprising. They bind themselves with the mitochondria of the sperm cells and make them overtly active. While you may relate this action to high activity, it is actually the opposite. The sperms start moving around vigorously in the initial stages but they start losing their element on the long way to the egg. They slow down so much in the later stages that they are unable to make it to the egg. Even if they do reach, they are unable to release the enzymes required to fertilize the egg.

  1. Testicular Cancer – Weed intake propels chances of testicular cancer

The regular weed takers are at 2.5 times higher chances of developing testicular cancer. Even the low sperm count could well mark the indication of cancer in the testis. But here again, we would like to point out that other faulty lifestyle habits might be contributing along with the drug.

Becoming a father and starting a family is one of the most exhilarating experiences of life. Don’t miss out on the true joy of living for a few moments of harmful fun.

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