Egg Freezing


Egg freezing is commonly known as mature oocyte cryopreservation. This is the procedure to preserve the woman’s reproductive potential.
Eggs are extracted from the ovaries and frozen unfertilized and are stored so as to use in the later phases of life. In the later phase, eggs are fertilized with the help of the sperm in the Lab and when the embryo is fertilized, it is transplanted in the uterus of the woman by the process of In Vitro Fertilization.

Why Egg freezing is done?

Egg freezing in India is the alternative option in which you are not ready to become pregnant but want to save the ability to get pregnant or to have a biological child in the future.
You may consider the Egg Freezing due to the following reasons:
If you are going for the cancer treatment: there are some of the cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy that can harm the fertility of the person. Egg freezing is the alternative solution that will help you to have a child in the later stages of life.
If you are going for the In vitro fertilization:
 if your partner is not able to produce the sperm on the same day than your eggs can be retrieved and can be freezed to use for later stages. There are some people who undergo IVF, prefer egg freezing or embryo freezing methods for the religious or ethical reasons.

How you prepare?

Before starting the Egg freezing process, we follow the screening process:
Ovarian reserve testing.  The doctor will test the concentration of the Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) in your blood. This test is performed on the third day of the menstrual cycle and helps in determining how many ovaries will respond to the fertility medication.
Infectious disease screening: Our doctor will also check for the certain type of the infectious disease like HIV.

In order to go for the Egg freezing treatment, you have to answer the following important questions:

When do you plan to become pregnant?
You have to give the probability when you will get pregnant because there is the time limit of the frozen egg for pregnancy.

How many eggs would you like to freeze?
Most of the fertility experts freeze 20 to 30 eggs. Use six to eight eggs in each pregnancy attempt. The number of the eggs to be used is dependent upon the age and the quality of the egg.

What will you do with unused eggs?
This will depend on your choice:

  • You may also donate the unused eggs to the childless couple.
  • You can also donate your eggs to the research centres.
  • You may also discard the unused eggs.

What is the cost of the Egg Freezing?
The Egg freezing Cost in India is considered to be very less. The cost of freezing the egg and the embryo is about Rs 10,000 to Rs.15000 per months and the transfer of the frozen embryo cycle cost Rs.100000 to Rs.200000 per cycle.

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